Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bien Arrivé!

Well, the third Thursday in November has nothing to do with turkey preparation in France. No tips on cranberry dotted asaigo infused stuffing either. It is the date, mandatory by law, when the Beaujolais Nouveau can be sold to the public. From one minute after midnight, all over the world, let the corks pop! Now truly, this is one of biggest press relations coups of all time because have you really been counting down the hours until you can gulp a fruity beverage guaranteed to give you a sharp headache after the first glass? I didn't think so. But then again, no one actually enjoys that green beer on Saint Patty's day either. Perhaps any excuse for a celebration is valid? Certainly during the beginning of the mad rush into the holidays? Having had the good fortune to have helped a local amateur winemaker last year--from the back-breaking task of cutting the grapes off the vine to crushing them then transferring them into the giant Provençal glass jugs for the fermentation process--I can appreciate the anticipation linked with wanting to taste a wine that has barely been in the bottle for a few weeks. Perhaps it will give the promise of good things to come...

Jean-Michel, our caviste, or wine-seller, has assured me that this year is "very good". Would he tell me if it wasn't? Well yes, good customers always get the truth around here. And though Chez Ariane, the wine bar that I have written about, has closed the street off for music and dancing--a buvette, as it is called--I am warmly ensconced in my club chair, about to lift a glass of Syrah (gasp!) to my lips. Salut!


  1. You helped a winemaker crush grapes last year? A la "I Love Lucy"?? I can picture it, and I like it! And, yes, I think the new Beaujolais Nouveau will definitely give the promise of the good things that I know are coming for you. Salut! (I hold up my sparkling cider, is that ok?).

  2. Here is to the good things coming to you to sister! Cheers! Sadly, we crushed the grapes with a heavy wooden pole--not the same at all as using your feet!


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