Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend photofest

My brain seems to have been taken over by the fog that has swept the streets of Arles this morning, so I will stay quiet, commiserating over my coffee and simply offer up some of the photos from my ramblings  during this glorious Autumn week.


  1. Pretty pictures! My favorite is the cat hanging out by the planter!

  2. Thanks so much! But look closely in the photo just above--that is him hanging out on the vines above the doorway. He seemed so content.

  3. My favorite, besides Ben kissing his shadow, is the 5th one down: the ant's-eye view up that building with the amazing azure sky. Me thinks my multi-talented sister should add "photographer" to her list of many gifts!

  4. Oh, thank you sister! But A) I think you might be slightly biased and B) I have had good training from Remi!

  5. so beautiful inspirating.

    great blog!



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