Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily dose of Christmas

Tired of the twinkly lights yet? Really? A few more then as I gather up the goods for a post on our outing(s) to the oh so lovely town of Uzes...

Five more days until Christmas!!! Heading into the annual "Will the gifts arrive?" mode (a challenge when you are an ocean away from the rest of your family) and am really wishing that my Mom and Sister were here to share all of this with us. Remi is starting to warm up his cooking chops (though how he could ever top last year I'll never know, it was madness! Insane!) with a rabbit that he cooked in champagne yesterday for three hours. Trust me, you forget the bunny references.

Sadly, I have another bit of random news. The impossible has happened--I found a cheese that actually is too stinky, horrifically so, for me to eat. Now, you could see how casual I was about the rabbit so give me a bit of credit! But munster is NOT the same thing as muenster. I knew this and should have paid attention when my trusted cheese lady tried to warn me "you know that it smells really bad, right?" but did I listen? No. It is going to take me a bit of time to get over it but with a little help from my super chef of a honey, I will try...

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