Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh! Christmas tree!

Finally, it is starting to feel like Christmas here! It is cuttingly cold outside but warm and cozy in. The fireplace is working overtime and we boosted our already considerable candle budget. Even though I can't admit that I find them terribly attractive, I bought a Poinsettia for traditions sake. And yes, after take two, the tree is decorated. A glass or two of red with my favorite holiday music bumped up a touch on the loud side (this being the ONLY time of year when it is even remotely permitted to sing along to anything by Mariah Carey) and it was done.  Perhaps because of my more somber mood this year, I wanted to just keep it as simple as possible with a palette of silver and cream. That means that the carved wooden animal ornaments bought on safari in Kenya are still sleeping in their box as is the painted blue moon from Bali. All the better to rediscover them next year. Isn't it wonderful how attached we get to our ornaments over time? I think that my sister still has the half-eaten rice crispy treat that we stuck on her tree oh so long ago...

But the exuberance of the season calls for a tiny bit of bling all the same. I have been sorely missing the chandeliers from our old house (sadly, the sole condition of the sale) and so decided to make one for the holidays. A branch painted white cut into three parts made a solid base and then all I had to do was dig into my magic collection of chandelier crystals (bought at one of my favorite antique shops in Eygalieres) et voila! I wish that I was able to photograph it better. It brings out just a bit of wonder in me every time that I look at it.

 All of the leftover bulbs found their home in the stone fountain in the hall stairway along with a few extra branches from the tree.

Bring on the white lights! Stock the bar! Because I really have to run--we are having friends over for drinks in an hour. Foie gras on cumin spice bread anyone?


  1. Half-eaten CHRISTMAS rice crispie treat!!! (w/red & green crispies mixed in, but it is sleeping in its box, too, as Lucy would find it too irresistible!). Your place looks amazing! The "chandelier" is beautiful, and it all looks so warm and cozy - right down to Ben peering out the door! Wish I was there to enjoy it all in person!

  2. Your home looks like it should be featured in a magazine--truly.

    Foi gras on cumin spice bread---Whaaat!!!

  3. Thanks you two. It's not the same without you here...


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