Friday, February 25, 2011

Just the salad, please

Now that sounds reasonable enough, doesn't it? Just a little salad, that's all! Well, yes, this is France and I am talking about a salade composée, a composed salad. No, not composed as in calm (though I must say it gives me a terribly peaceful just looking at it), composed as in built. Constructed layer by layer. So an oh-so innocent beginning of mesculun leaves quickly becomes swallowed by tomatoes and hearts of palm--veggies!--then a smattering (ok, bacon)...fried goat cheese...and topped with a boiled egg. At least the egg is boiled! The dressing is a homemade mustard vinaigrette that is so thick that you could stand a spoon up in it. But it is fresh! Good for you! Sigh. We do try to be good but somehow even with the best intentions, gourmandise always wins.


  1. OH YUM!!! It is lunch time here and I am starving. Whatever I end up eating is going to hold a pale candle to this delicious offering.

  2. You have described salade compose perfectly ~ it is a healthy choice when in France, and very filling. also looks so.. colourful.
    It's like poetry on a plate!

  3. Thanks so much you two--Remi dissed me for posting about just our normal everyday winter salad--it should have been more extravagant in his mind! :)

    And Q--as I HIGHLY doubt that you are eating a bologna sandwich, I disagree. I am very vocal here about how food choices have changed in the States. Any French person would be blown away by Whole Foods or Trader Joe's...

  4. Well my goodness! It is only 7:30 am here and I'd really eat that salad for breakfast! Yummy!


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