Friday, March 11, 2011

New Leaves

This will be a less verbose post than usual as there are too many thoughts swirling around my head for me to corral them into much of an order. My heart goes out to Japan and the Pacific, to those that have lost their homes and loved ones. 

I have long been aware of the irony that in our odd world things can be at the best and worst at the same moment. So while such destruction was hitting hard on the other side of the planet, I was focusing on the minute and the beautiful in our garden. 

Time to get out the rakes. Away with winter's waste. The camellias are in full bloom and the mystery plant is unfurling with a startling newness. Remi had pruned the wildly wandering fig tree last week and just in time as there are now the tiniest shoots giving promises of what is to come.

It seems to soon, this Spring. I don't trust it but am embracing it anyway. Because who can say no to a 3.50 € bouquet of tulips? Not me. 

Endings and beginnings. Remi and I have been asking so many questions about what is next. The real estate agent who showed us the house that I wrote about in my "Bones" post called to say that, in fact, the owners need to sell very quickly and are willing to consider a large enough price drop (30K) to make it very tempting. So much to consider at this time of year when creation is brimming just below the surface.


  1. Oh dying to see where you end up! As I'm sure are you!! How dreadful for all those people in Japan - heard that the earthquake that started it is the worst in over 300 years! My thoughts are with them.

  2. Thank you for such a sensitive post, my heart also goes out to all those people in Japan, last night as we watched the horror, I did not like the feeling of my little life doing safe, mundane things whilst fellow citizens of the world were suffering. I've just found your post and do like it. Good luck with the house decision.

  3. When we hear about a tragedy like this, it makes all the things we complain about seem awfully petty, doesn't it? I'm glad you could find some bright spots right in your own garden, though! :)

  4. Good luck with the house....that sounds promising....
    As always the good and the bad go hand in hand....I can't even begin to imagine the heartache and chaos in Japan....xv

  5. You are so warm and sensitive. It is so hard to think about the destruction in Japan. It makes us appreciate what we have, even more.

  6. Thank you everyone. I consider myself very fortunate to have such compassionate readers here!


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