Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Treason, Part two

We already know the subject. Me, forever nomad, always wondering what is around the corner. Remi is the king pin of wanderlust, so what a team we make. Ben will follow where ever his kibble is. Yes, it can be good to shake out the cobwebs and the sleepies to see the possibilities, especially in the Spring, when too much seems possible. 

And so we have been thinking of leaving Arles. A year in Rome! In Tangier! Or forty-five minutes away in the heart of the Alpilles. Eygalières is one of the bijoux villages, those that make you gasp, Tiffany's windows like, the first time you set eyes upon it. If St. Rémy brings on the romance, this one inspires as in the "Really?" variety.  

Lines of tilting stone houses, some with trees climbing out of their roofs, the majority shuttered up tight waiting for their summer occupants. Almond trees snowed their blossoms against one of those happiest of blue skies. All leading up, up to a garden strewn with ruins.

The impossible green of new grass crawling out of the depth of winter to shake these old stones to life. Imagine walking out your front door to pass the ancient church on the hill and then on out to stroll the hillsides? It was sounding good to me. Very good.

And yet Eygalières is even more prestigious than St. Rémy in that its tinyness breeds exclusivity, enough so that even France's biggest stars are welcome to stroll in from their farmhouse to have a café unheeded. It was the couple that run my favorite antiques shop in the area that encouraged me that it was indeed possible to find rentals in this upper-echelon. And sure enough, within minutes of tapping away on my favorite search engine, I had found an ad for an apartment in a stone village house at the crossways of Eygalières and to boot at a surprisingly affordable 750 Euros per month.

I was excited as the décor seemed in accordance with our own. And yet, within mere seconds of having been shown through the front door, the pounding started. The walls shook. "Ah, yes, there is just one thing," the estate agent said nonchalantly. "There is a construction site next door. They should be working on it for the next year and a half or so. They start at about 7am but are finished by 4." When I reminded her that Remi and I both work from home and would be privy to a non-stop symphony of noise, her lips tightened into a thin, straight line. No arguing to be had there. And so, no Eygalières for us. 

Is it because of having been an actress that I love to imagine slipping into other lives? Of course. After so much training, the mind just tends to work that way automatically. True, I love to dream. It can be addictive. But it can be dangerous. Sometimes it is best to stop looking elsewhere and just enjoy the little moment where you are. For the moment, we are in Arles and it isn't quite time to leave. Not just yet. 


  1. What a charming village - too bad about the apartment. I'm so envious that you can just pick up and go - what a freedom!! Will be following you wherever you end up!

  2. What a beautifully written post. Maybe it's just not time yet for Eygalières. As a fellow wanderer, I'm excited to see where you go next. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy to have found yours - I'm going to subscribe right now.

  3. Gosh, I have to say that I am a bit fluttery by having been appreciated by two such wonderful and prodigious bloggers (everyone that sees this--please go take a looksee). I am such a newbie to this world and am so grateful for the support--something I am sure you are both well used to by now but it truly blows me away. So different from the Press!

  4. I appreciate you too, although I'm not sure I'm a "wonderful and prodigious" blogger LOL I agree with the first person who mentioned your freedom to go wherever you want! That must be cool!

  5. Bah! Of course you are LJ! You bring happiness to your many followers all over the world.


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