Friday, October 19, 2012

Time jag in the Luberon

It is amazing to me how different an environment can be depending on the time of day, the season of the year. Remi and I had first visited Sault a few years back after having spent an early morning in the lavender fields. They were in full bloom and so were we, giddy and infused so that all we saw took on a perfumed glow.    

What a change, then, as we walked the village's empty streets on our most recent visit. 

Gone were the roving groups of laughing lookers. 

It was as is if, with relief, Sault no longer had to put its game face on...

...and could just let its insides flop out for all to see.

So we strolled around quietly and I looked beyond the edges...

...and into a time worn softness.

Not to mention the bluntness of everyday living. Such as a sign (a warning?) that we were entering "The Dog Pee Neighborhood"...

...Ben looked at me as if to say, "Reeeally?" He was right at home!

Our laughter echoed, it was absorbed into the walls...

...and made the leaves grow.

That gray autumn day drew colors that we might not have otherwise seen...

...and lifted up textures like blowing sand.

It was one Sault. Not 'the' Sault. Travelling is such a mirage isn't it?

And I saved the fun for last...I will see what face Sault will show me this weekend! We are running away again, just for a few days. Yes, to our little cabanon to drink in The Quiet. I told you that we wouldn't be able to stay away. It is supposed to rain but I don't care. All the better to wash the dust from my eyes to see clearly. Hoorah!

So, yes, the Luberon series will continue...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone...

Ps. I am thrilled that Lost in Arles was mentioned by the amazing Carla Coulson on her blog Carla Loves Photography. I have found so many wonderful blogs through her suggestions. If this is your first visit here, welcome! Merci, Carla.


  1. oh my what gorgeous transported!!

  2. I wish I had a time machine so I could go into the shoe shop and buy some shoes when the shop was in its prime. Imagine what those would look like. Have a good weekend!

  3. Heather you make the old and decay look beautiful. Ben is smiling! He's such a cutie! Enjoy your weekend and I can't wait to see pictures of your adventure.


  4. 'They were in full bloom and so were we'

    Poetry. And the rest of the writing lived up to the expectation you set with that. The idea of laughter making the leaves grow resonated instantly and the textures of blowing sand in perfect stillness -- you have to have eyes deep in your spirit to be able to make that out.

    An absolutely gorgeous post, H.

  5. Enjoy your weekend, Heather! I've been to Sault during the lavender harvest and took a hot, dusty, aromatic hike around the fields -- gorgeous. It was interesting to see Sault's other (off-season) side. And I love that picture of Ben -- he is the epitome of happiness!

  6. Have a fantastic time Heather. Can't wait to see what version of the village you find this time. Love all the textures in the photos - every layer tells a story I think. Bon weekend! XO

  7. I CANNOT Believe you just mentioned CARLA COULSON!!!!!I have just this past minute written to another one of our FAVORITE BLOGGERS to say I found postcards in FLORENCE of the church I was married in many moons ago and the photographer was CARLA!I knew that name struck a cord and went to look at MADAME VICKIE ARCHER'S BOOKS!She is her photographer!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT A SMALL SMALL WORLD!I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR photos are STUNNING AS USUAL!AS I was clicking away in France I thought of you many many would HEATHER captures this!I LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE thats for CERTAIN!

  8. Beautiful photographs! The blue patina is stunning.. that's not easy to create! ... naturally weathered over time. It doesn't get better.

  9. The colors, textures, and details of your photos felt like a relaxing massage at the end of a busy week. And the photo of ol' velvet eyes didn't hurt either :-)

    I am thrilled to hear that you are going back to that amazing place. Have a great weekend!

  10. Ah hah! I too went to Sault this summer and was charmed by all the lovely colors of the storefronts. I also noticed that many of the iconic Provence postcards were shot here, such as the beautiful light pinkish Quincaillerie one. We went after driving up Mt. Ventoux, which was frankly a terrifying experience! We were happy to get to the lavender fields and to Sault.

  11. Spectacular photos, Heather. And lovely to meet you on Saturday! Hopefully we will meet again and have more chance to chat over the loud boom of English expats in a gathering. xo Karen

  12. Your photos are beautiful, they bring out the texture of Sault. I love how you capture all the little details that most of us would probably pass by without a second glance.

  13. Ah the south beautiful every season...great pictures!

  14. I'm so happy you're coming back my way! Enjoy your time in the Luberon. Maybe I'll bump into you again ;) xx

  15. What a beautiful blog I've found today! I started on My French Country Home, skipped over to David Terry and found you!
    Bee x

  16. Exquisite photographs, as always, and such a sense of calm.

    I do find myself wondering what sort of footwear was once sold behind the storefront reading "Chaussures."


  17. Charming as always and really like the old decorative ironworks. And how can you not love a place like this. There's even an area where Ben knows he's welcomed.

    Have a great get away Heather!


  18. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments! We were blissfully out of internet range all weekend and so it was lovely to come back to all of this happiness!!! Un grand merci...You are all so wonderfuL :)

  19. Heather - I missed this and so now have seen such wonderful detail - you excelled this time I think - an all time super look at the exquisite detail and taste of heritage!! Wow!!


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