Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pink kisses too


A dizzy joy, a tender kiss but also that sneaking warmth at light's last lark.

Happily, my definition of it has only expanded with age.

Whatever form it takes, may it find you and hold you this Valentine's Day.

Pass it on.

Today and every day!

Many thanks to the inspiring and inspired Julia in Berlin for sharing this lovely song.

As you can see, I am taking my own advice and passing it along...


  1. Hello Heather:
    Pink kisses which are returned manifold on this St. Valentine's Day.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Heather I hope you have a wonderful time with your three men! I'm slightly jealous you're entering spring already but we aren't far behind.


  3. Same to you too. Have a great day.

  4. Does it say something about my mood that my favorite pic is the dark tree? But they are all beautiful, I love the pink kisses, too! I hope you get a kiss today; I know for certain that you have two puppies there who would probably love to give you sloppy kisses! (do you know that Lucy kisses on demand? Licks my lips when I say, "give me a kiss!"). Good to remember, on this day and every day, that love has many definitions; best thing, I think, is to be grateful and to give love! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

  5. Happy V-Day to you, Remi, and 'the fellers." xxoo

  6. ooohhh!!!!!!! thank you for those wonderful pinky fluffy flowery photos.....
    they make my day*
    in berlin it is very milky grey today and cold.
    wish you a wonderful happy valentine's day*
    sending love,

  7. Awwww...♥♥♥♥
    Pure beauty. Happy Love Day!!

  8. And pink Valentine's wishes back to you and your three loves. . .you've captured so well my favorite time of day, 'light's last lark'.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day! What a charming song! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous. After days and days of freezing rain and gray skies, just what the doctor ordered!

    Merci - et joyeux Saint Valentin à toi, à Rémi, et n'oublions pas Ben et Kipling!

  11. You are simply adorable. Happy Valentine's Day to you & Remi !!!

  12. Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Saint-Valentin aussi. Bisous

  13. You are so sweet Heather. Hope you had a wonderful V day :) BTW, keep day-dreaming ;) I really like this song.

  14. Happy Valentine's day to you too! Beautiful images I love the soft pink of the flowering trees, perfection!


  15. Thanks for sharing that Johnny Depp video. Beautiful song and beautifully realised! Natalie Portman's hand movements were exquisite! Perfect choice for Valentine's day! Hope your three boys are being dutifully attentive and making big eyes at you! Gorgeous photos, BTW! Cheers, Deborah from Melbourne.

    1. Isn't she exquisite in this? And the other one isn't so bad either! ;à

  16. Im BACK!Happy V-DAY to you four too!

  17. I love Paul's song. He sang it at his concert in Vegas that I was lucky enough to attend and it was just wonderful. It's reminds me of vintage McCartney.
    Beautiful pics.
    Happy Valentine's to you!

  18. I was lucky enough (seriously, blessed) to have a "box" at the "Beatles" first " (who knew it would be the only?") appearance in Los Angeles!) at the Hollywood Bowl! A week before (people were sleeping on the street; honestly) I asked my mother to see if she could"get tickets" to the Beatles!!! (My mother was delighted I wanted to go to a "concert" she had no idea who the "Beatles "were!!

    (actually; this was the 'good old days' before the media took over the world!)

    anyway; "Gittleson Brothers" (still the best ticket agency in Los Angeles); had a "box" in the front row for 6!

    So we went! My friends at "Mayfield" and I went! Good Grief!

    Sheesh! What an experience! the Hollywood Bowl was FULL!!!

    Everyone was screaming so loud we could barely hear them! Except we were so close we could; actually hear them!

    It was one of the "peak experiences" of my life!!
    their hair was major! They threw it back and forth......the movement of their hair was a big part of their appeal! HUGE! But their music was completely captivating......and it is the reason it is still today!!

    We had no "hindsight"! at the time.......I continue to feel so lucky to have been right there!

    Thanks to my darling mother!!

    They took my "breath away!!" Honestly! the "charisma" was palpable......even though I was only very young!!!!

    What fun! and my darling mother was so thrilled that I wanted to go to a "concert"!!

    Happy Valentine's to you , too! You weren't born in 1964!! or was it 1963? All I know is.......I was there; and I thank my very cool mother every day! For this; and many other things!!


    1. Oh my Penelope!!! I love this story!!! I believe that you should retell it on your blog. What an INCREDIBLE experience!

  19. Lovely post! And, as always, the pictures are gorgeous!

  20. Thank you so very much everyone for these amazing comments!!! I feel so lucky!

  21. When we buy a (modest and elegant) house in the hills we will ask you Very Politely if you will let us Commission an artwork so we can install your cloud pictures on a plasma screen and watch France from here.

    1. Now that is a commission that I would be delighted to accept. Certainly in knowing that in doing so, it meant that you had achieved the success that you so rightly deserve...

  22. PS: Love those pink blossoms waving in the last photo ... and I just noticed that they are heart-shaped!

  23. Leslie in Portland, OregonFebruary 18, 2013 at 5:05 AM

    The very best of Valentines, Heather...thank you! Je t'embrasse à tout coeur, Leslie


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