Saturday, September 7, 2013

Running from the bulls

We have run from the bulls of the September Feria and returned to the safe haven of the safari tent in the Haut Languedoc. The puppers sniff through the woods by day and we dive in the galactic waters of The Milky Way each night. A gift? We have pretty much no internet. The best gift? We are going through Noise Detox and it feels sublime.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Sometimes no internet is definitely a gift :)

  2. Enjoy your time off. Well deserved.

  3. OH many falling stars have you counted on your safari?

  4. ..hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again..diving in the galactic waters of the Milky Way sounds peaceful! Enjoy the sounds of silence with no electronic chatter!
    Deborah from Melbourne.

  5. During those nights, when you look up the sky, to paraphrase the Little Prince, find the star or stars and remember their laughter.

  6. This reminds me my 2 nights in the desert. Just my husband, adult son and me in a tent. Nobody around us , really nobody except the driver in an other one...sleeping, what we couldn' was too exciting.
    The most beautiful milky way I have ever seen , only listen to the silence. heart start bumping when I talk about again. Please, please soak it up and enjoy. LOL

  7. Enjoy the peace and quiet, my dear. Glad you got away from all the bull! XO

  8. Enjoy the beauty and the peace Heather! I look forward to getting caught up with you when you return.


  9. Oh,Heather....a longtime friend of mine recently
    (sort of) told me that her in-laws had paid for and "given" a holiday weekend to her and her husband.......three or so days completely alone in a cozy cabin up in the NC mountains, away from everyone else!!!!! Apparently, the joint if fully-stocked when you arrive for your days of uninterrupted solitude and coupled, zen-like bliss.

    My friend (who's a wildly intelligent, but unavoidably acidic type) sourly griped (and I'm, obviously, paraphrasing) "What the hell are we going to do up there for three f****g days.... except end up tearing each others' throats out? We BONDED over hating other people. We'll have no one but ourselves to blame up on that God-d***m mountain...."

    I told her that would, indeed, present a dilemna/challenge for them. I have no idea (I haven't called her) if they actually went.....or, if they did, if they came back down together.

    Warily yours as ever,
    David Terry

  10. I'm so glad you have escaped the noise and dived into the stars (you put it so beautifully)! Having just spent five days on the shores of Wallowa Lake in northeast Oregon, I have had a glorious taste of the same sort of heaven. (And several hours each day in pure lake water that just pillowed me as I swam and swam, with my Golden Retriever Henry nearby...) Peacefully, Leslie in Oregon

  11. And in these information filled times, that silence is one of the greatest gifts of all.

  12. Your description of the Milky Way sounds wonderful, Heather. Enjoy!

  13. Is it that time of year AGAIN? Time seems to be flying these days...or is there a bull festival also in the spring that you flee from as well? : )

    Enjoy the silence, the stars, your fur sons, and cool nights around the fire with ton moitié.

  14. We all should unplug once in awhile...soundly heavenly.

  15. UPDATE ON PREVIOUS POST: My friends came back home. Together, even. They did, however, stay for only TWO days. The wife told me "It's fine. If ____'s parents ask, I'll tell them we did nothing but 'relax' for the entire time they paid for. It's not like they EXPECTED us to 'do' anything there, so we don't have to make things up....most boring two days I've had in my whole life..."

    I know....not exactly an enthusiastic response to the delights of living simply for a weekend.

    ----david terry


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