Monday, December 30, 2013

Amongst the reeds, scenes from the Camargue

Hello everyone! We are in the Luberon but due to a storm on Christmas Day there is no internet or phone at the cottage. So we have driven up to a mountaintop to say Hello to the world, the sun is taking its final bow and the view is beautiful. In these final days of 2013, I have been focusing on gratitude more than ever and that most certainly applies to all of you, who have given such support, joy and kindness. I thank you with all of my heart. I am signing out as the sun goes down on one year, while eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next. And although I most likely will not be in touch again until after January 6th, please know that I am sending wishes of peace, prosperity, health and many wonderful discoveries in 2014...until then I leave you with these images of the reeds of the Camargue that bend in the wind and yet resist, snapping back to stand tall.
With all of my Very Best,


  1. Stunning photographs, H. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Heather,
    The calm beautiful photos and your best wishes for the new year are inspirations for all of us.
    Thank you.

    Wishing you and Remi a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


  3. Wishing you a wonderful new year Heather. Enjoy the beauty of the Camargue.

  4. Dear Miss ( I assume that you stubbornly refuse to marry, even while you publicly co-habitate?) Heather,

    I cannot possibly express the horror and umitigated disgust I (and, I am sure, MANY others around the globe) just felt at reading your self-indulgent, materialistic, grotesquely sexualized, and otherwise repellant (spiritually, physically, and personally) posting. In addition, I do not appreciate your modern tendency towards "Nature Worship"; The Anglican Communion should provide sufficent succour and comfort for ANYONE, I would think (were someone so impertinent as to ask me).

    Apparently, you feel No SHAME in advertising your willful and abandoned "Vacance" (may I add here that I have no idea why anyone would speak French, when NORMAL English is good enough for any decent Christian?) with a man who is clearly not your legal husband, no matter how you carouse and cavort with him across "exotic" landscapes, What message do you think this sends out to Our Children and The World? Believe me...I understand how it might seem tempting to fling and flaunt yourself across France, but do you need to publish it on the worldwide interweb? Have you considered the shame this brings to your aged and no doubt fatigued (I gather she given birth multiple times) mother?

    May I simply and, with all due Christian humility, suggest that you do yourself and The Entire World no favors by FLAUNTING your patent disregard for the norms and standard niceties of DECENT society???????

    I do not worry over nor, for that matter, even THINK of "the reeds of Carmaque". They are inconsequential in the Great Scheme of Things.

    I worry for you. I will, of course, pray for you and attempt not to criticize or condemn your selfish, undisciplined, wanton, deliberately iconoclastic, and generally abhorrent " artistic lifestyle".

    I am a bachelor and, so, do not perhaps understand all of this world's temptations. Still? seems to me that you gluttonously and greedily slurped and swallowed down all of them that you could find.

    I find that morally and spiritually repellant, to be perfectly frank.

    Quite Sincerely, if in complete disgust at your lack of a proper sense of Duty, Austerity, and Theological Rigor,

    The Right Rev. Dr. David C. Terry
    Webb House
    Hillsborough, NC

    1. You Betcha, Doc Terry!!!!

      Sarah Palin

    2. P.S. Need I emphasize that the-above is a PARODY? Amusingly/Horrifyingly (I still can't decide which) enough, at least two francophile bloggers (you'd recognize the names) and I have confessed to the guilty pleasure of regularly perusing the blog of another Francophile blogger who's quite publicly expressed the burning desire to go to Paris (and, presumably, to the rest of France as it falls under her fervent sway) be a "Christian Missionary". I've gathered that the French need to "know" Jesus.

      I have no idea what this woman thinks Notre Dame, St. Suplice, St. Chapelle, and several other large (and rather old) Parisian buildings are.....extra-fancy Walmarts?

      I was grimly delighted to read that she would like to join the "Africans" who preach on the corners in certain arrondisements. I thought "Oh.....go right ahead, Sister...". She doesn't seem to realize that she would be consorting with the most conservative Christians since the Dominicans ("Dogs of God") who managed The Inquisition were running around Europe. Which is to say that, yes, they would like to execute gays, burn protestants, and enforce any number of other rather antiquated practices....including, rather ironically, severely punishing women who dared to preach.

      In any case,l was joking when I began berating Sinful Heather. to be honest, I'd be a bit disappointed if she legally married Remi; my own life is an uutterly respectable & domesticated one these past ten, I like to think that at least SOMEONE'S still out there having wicked fun.

      ----david terry

  5. Heather, these images seem to convey peace, calm and contentment. May that be a wonderful heralding of the New Year!
    Deborah from Melbourne.

  6. Thank you for all your beautiful words and may your life be filled with good health, happiness and laughter.

  7. has been an absolute delight and pleasure following along these past years, I look forward to many more. Your photos are wonderful and the fact that you are out of reach for six days...think of the possibilities!! I hope you get a chance to write and photograph to your heart's content...very best wishes my friend for a Wonderful New

  8. Such a beautiful post again, thank you. All the best to the four of you. May you all have a very happy New Year!

  9. David had me going, for a minute. What are the oval rocks with holes in them? Naturally-occurring in the Camargue landscape or part of a still life?

    1. I wondered the same thing....what are those?.......weights of some sort for nets?
      ----david terry

    2. I wondered the same thing....what are those?.......weights of some sort for nets?
      ----david terry

    3. I keep forgetting to answer this: yes! Uncle David is correct as per usual--they are weights for fishing nets. :)

  10. Dear Heather
    Thank you for these beautiful images. I am happy you are away in Camargue with such natural beauty. Your timing was perfect to capture the horse at sunset.
    Wishing you & Remi a very Happy New Year and goodness, joy and travel in 2014.
    Thank you for your blog, your visits and comments.

    Helen xx

  11. The Camargue is definitely on my to visit list! So very beautiful! Thank you for the pictures Heather!
    I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !

  12. It will be New Year here soon. I'll let you know how it is, if you like, but I am sure you will want to join in anyway. Many blessings for a wonderful 2014 to you, Remi and the puppers.

  13. Beautiful, Heather...I'm so glad you drove up to a mountaintop; your photographs are absolutely stunning!
    Thank you for your lovely comments and support during 2013 and I very much look forward to our continued blogging friendship in this virtual world :)
    Wishing you peace and much happiness for the New Year.
    With love xx

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  15. So beautiful, thank you for inspiring me to see the world with fresh eyes and ... to see the world, other parts and places. Here's to frequent flyer miles and travel and abundance and joy in 2014,

  16. Bonne année 2014, Heather et Rémi (et les chiens) ! I have not left many comments during this hectic year, but I stopped by often to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with all your readers. I am so glad I visited today, just in time to wrap up 2013, and noticed the hilarious comment by the ever entertaining Monsieur Terry… Amuse-toi bien Heather, et bonnes vacances ! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  17. Gorgeous photos. Thank you Heather and Happy New Year to you and your fellas. xo Judith

  18. OMG Happy Days and Good Fortune Heather for this year of the Horse!

    These are exceptional shots - wow!!!

  19. What are you doing in the Luberon when you could be in Menton with Auntie and Uncle Jim? :) Bonne Année et Bonne Santé to the four of you!


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