Friday, March 7, 2014

Turn down the sky

I am simply offering up some happy-inducing photos of a walk in the Alpilles today. No diatribe, no philosophy, just a dose of swashbuckling sun that is so bright you might ask to turn down the sky!

What? You are still feeling sleepy and wintery? Really? Ok, here you go...

To listen (and loudly):

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope that there is light and happiness wherever you are...


  1. Sometimes a quiet walk is all you need - especially with such good fury company. Ben and Kipling look like they're enjoying themselves! Thanks for the beautiful blue skies and signs of spring.

    Happy Weekend! XOXO

  2. What a lovely post, Heather! A sharp contrast to the one I wrote this week - it is good to see the sun and the beauty that your world is filled with. . .it is a good reminder to be happy!

  3. Oh, * sigh sigh sigh*. Now that I know the smell of this landscape.... Because I was just there two days ago... Stunning – Spring is definitely coming.
    Beautiful Photos, Heather! And Kipling looks so happy. Its a pleasure to see that.
    I am back to "Workingland" (That is Germany) And it was great to have visited the region around Arles. Fromages et Saussisons ont survecue le vol! (;
    And concering your last post: Remi's saying is wise in every direction!
    Bisous et bon weekend!

  4. The rain had left. I’m well awake enjoying Napa Valley’s subdued bright sun. I would love to walk there in Alpilles under the olive grove and gaze at the hills. I can go with Ben and Kipling.

    Did Cezanne ever painted Alpilles?


    (That's 'ache' in wail.)


  6. What a beautiful, beautiful place you live in!! Wide open, blue sky and olive trees, heaven :) ( and puppers!)

  7. Aah, the ruggedness and the simple earthiness of that terrain! I can almost smell the olive trees and the woody bushes and that fresh air. Do you ever pinch yourself and think "Wow, I'm living in France" or are you now totally used to being there and away from the noise and bustle of New York?
    I'm enjoying your IG photos!
    Deb C from Melbourne

  8. I love that Ben & Kipliing go everywhere with you. Kipling is looking so at home now, not shy at all is he?
    Good for you !!

  9. Who is THAT MAN in the distance??

    1. I was wondering if someone would see that? Yes! Isn't he handsome? :)
      He was picking thyme and rosemary.

  10. I love that you are playing our music :) I should have played it this morning; slept in so long I missed half the day. The blue skies are gorgeous as are the silky puppers.

    1. I thought of you! Whoa. She is amazing!! I heard that song on France's really, really great radio station: FIP Radio. They play the most ecclectic mix of music ever and it is where I make my really good discoveries. :)

  11. Spring is definitely on the way.

  12. Wonderful, wonderful. Our winter was the mildest you ever saw, which has meant grey skies for weeks now. Today we also saw some sun and having seen these photos I feel more confident we, too, are on our way to win this season.

  13. Such soul-filling, energizing photographs...thank you, Heather, Rémi, Ben, Kipling and Les Alpilles! Leslie in Oregon

  14. Oh, good Lord.....hereabouts in North Carolina?......

    I should preface the new-news with the old-news: about eight months ago, a freak "mini-tornado" hit our property, missing the house, but taking down the MASSIVE, 250 year old pecan tree (the second oldest and the largest one in the state, according to what I'd read) out front. That was a m-e-s-s, to say the least.

    As of two nights ago?...

    We've been enjoying earliest Spring here...bulbs popping up, hellebores in full bloom, etcetera. On Thursday night, a freak ice storm hit. at 8:30 p.m., clients left the house, and we commented on how it was beginning to rain and get a bit colder????

    Well, within 3 or so hours, that had turned into an arctic blast....sleet and ice of the sort we Piedmont folks NEVER get except in the mountains. I went to bed with all the dogs cozied up and the gas logs burning cheerily, and I "Oh, how lovely and charming to cuddle up in my cozy 220 year old, delightful house!".

    I woke up on Friday morning at about 4.....loud crashings and explosive poppings everywhere aroud and above the house. Suffice it to say that, once the sun rose, I found that and entire row of trees (large ones....six in all) had been taken out, the old boxwoods were fairly flattened (they're very old, so presumably this has happened to them at least once before; they'll come back),and the entire property was covered with fallen limbs. It was all pretty disastrous. Still is, quite frankly. Recalling the cost of dealing with the one large tree, I'm assuming that the tree-man is, when he arrives on Monday, going to inform me that we have to cough up somethig around $6,000 for this impending clean-up.

    All in all, I'm now quite ready for blue skies and SINCERE Spring weather to arrive. I should emphasize that I'm quite aware of and grateful for the fact that, once again, no cars, dogs, porches, or rooflines (we have seven, and four large gables in this big, enterprisingly rambling house) were smashed and/or flattened.

    However, if this random-act-of-God business keeps up, this house (which sits in the middle of a large porperty with many trees and a grove of about fifteen remarkably old/large pecan trees) is going to end up looking like Little House on the Barren Prairie....

    So, yes......I'm jealous of your beautiful weather (also of your renting, rather than owning.....)

    ----david terry

  15. These "happy inducing" photos have never been more needed - thank you for these beautiful photos of Provence and puppies!!! Ahhh....

  16. Thank you for contributing to my current happiness with these beautiful photos as I sit with the windows open, enjoying Paris' first days of Spring. Look at those puppies at play! Looks like everyone has been hit with a bit of spring fever!

  17. Gorgeous! Oh what a blue sky can do when you need a dose of spring!

  18. what a gorgeous walk! dogs! blue blue skies!



    and the beat of that fab track reminded us a lot of this......

    go team!

  19. Your beautiful photos are always LIGHTEN me up!

  20. I will never get tired of seeing the bright blue sky of Provence, it's an instant mood booster! x


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