Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Hudson in Provence" by Jackie Clark Mancuso

Try and resist the charm of this book. Go ahead, try. See? I told you it was impossible (French-accent required)...and that is only the cover!

Today, I am absolutely delighted to share with you the continuation of "Paris-Chien" as its delightful hero, Hudson, comes to my 'hood...La Belle Provence! 

In each of Jackie's paintings the details ring true and the vibrancy of the colors used perfectly reflect Le Midi. And yet is not all la vie en rose for Hudson as he discovers this new and very different region of France. Oh la! C'est ne pas Paris ici! No, no, the rules of the game are quite different from the city for all - whether on quatre pattes or two of the humankind.

And so the question is posed: "Will Hudson find his way? Will he fit in or will he strike his own path?" It is a question that many of us *cough cough* can respond to no matter what our age. 

That the storyline unspools amidst "Le Best Of" de Provence is a sheer delight. I caught myself guessing as to exactly which ice cream parlor might have been Jackie's inspiration (St. Marie de la Mer?) or on which place the men played pétanque in (Cucuron?) but finally it doesn't really matter, for the essence of all that is presented is absolutely perfect.

Jackie Clark Mancuso is a native of Los Angeles and so knows a thing or five about the beauty of light. That she spends quite a bit of time in Provence is also evident...as her love for the region shines through this story as strongly as her affection for her main character, dear Hudson. He is a champ who might just be capable of making me love a "little dog" (one albeit with a big heart)...for once!

Yes, this is, I suppose, a children's book. But I found le dictionnaire of the forty or so words used in the illustrations quite helpful for any beginning Francophone. So either alone or with a Grandchild, why not do like Hudson and curl up and get lost within a good book? "Hudson in Provence" is exactly that.

And for the extremely hard-heart of you that are still not convinced:

Published by La Librarie Parisienne only four days ago (!) - you should find "Hudson in Provence" in all quality bookstores in the US (a-hem) or through Amazon by clicking here.

To discover more about Jackie - her books, paintings and blog, click: here.

To see a photo of the real-life Hudson and get some cooking tips from Jackie, see the fabulous Ann Mah's post: here.

Feeling lucky? You can enter a giveaway for both "Paris-Chien" and "Hudson in Provence" at the equally fabulous Kristin Espinasse's blog: here (and it is one of my favorite of her posts to boot).

PS. No, of course this isn't a sponsored post, I just find this book wonderful. :)


  1. Omg - adorabluh (French accent) is right! Wow - that book is seriously adorable - love the illustrations SO MUCH! Great colors, adorable story - you know I am a sucker for children's books! And she really captures Provence; I feel like I've been to most of the places in the story! But, hey, what do you mean, "love a little dog - for once" - what about Tennyson? : ) I clicked on the Ann Mah post about the author - yum for the recipes (!) plus cute picture of her dog; also I like that she gives a link to your blog, too! Cute cute book!

    1. Sister, I am so busted! But in my defense, in NO WAY do I think of Tennyson as a little dog! I just don't! How could anyone? :)

  2. Hi Heather,
    I shared your post and Ann Mah's in my facebook for my daughter and granddaughter. Both are learning French and enjoy nice stories.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. OMG this is the cutest thing ever! I am clicking purchase as fast as I can!

  4. DARLING............now how do they manage to live here and there is my question?
    I need to live there...........has my apartment SOLD yet?
    Cold and overcast here today and all week for that matter.I hope your garden is popping up and soon you will benefit from all the care you gave the DIRT!!!!
    I need a little person in my life...............NEED TO CHAT WITH MY BOYS!!!!!

  5. How adorable! Adding this to my list of books.

  6. Several years ago I wrote a small book, or an attempt at a small book, about a little dog who goes on a trip to Paris! I think I need to dig that out and see what I can do with it - mostly, find an artist as talented as Jackie!! Oh, and rewrite the whole thing, but this sweet story has brought me energy to maybe work on something for myself. This is a fabulous book in every aspect. Going to see if it's in English here in Paris tomorrow! There are so many bookstores, I'm in Heaven!!

  7. Thank you, Judi. Shakespeare and Company and Brentano's have stocked my first book, Paris-Chien. If they don't have the new one, they can order it for you. Or there's amazon.fr

  8. Oh, what an adorable story. Fits right in with my current art exploration mood. :)

  9. "Delight" is the perfect word to sum up this book! Charming is another that comes to mind. Love the color. Love the sweet character of Hudson. What a happy story and Jackie is so, so talented! XOXO

    1. Thank you I Dream Of. I follow you on instagram and love your work!

  10. Love it! I imagine it's bought under the pretext of being for kids, but actually the adults get as much joy from it!
    The colour, the joie de vivre, the smell of Provence! I'll buy it for myself!

  11. The story, the pictures......I'm hooked!!! The this absolutely delightful and will need to get a copy for great-nieces........okay........me.


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