Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ben is nine today

"Ben has soul." Our dear friend Sonny has said this since the very first time that she met him.

And she is exactly right. He is incredibly special. There are times that I think he is an angel in a dogs disguise...

...albeit one with a very specific and unerring sense of humor.

His joie de vivre is off the charts! Remi has said that he can hear me laughing while playing with Ben everyday and that is true...

...but he also gives us both an enormous amount of comfort and peace...

...that is rooted in unending love.

It is amazing to think that he turns nine today. Of course it only seems like yesterday since we brought him home.

He has been through a lot of changes since then. This is his third home, we have moved from city to country and not to mention the boat-rocker that was the adoption of Kipling, to who he has been a loyal companion, one to inspire trust at every level...

...for that is his true specialty. He has convinced people that are petrified of dogs to give them another try and dogs that are petrified that nothing bad will happen in his fine company. 

I love his easy smile, liquid deep eyes and sly tail wag. You are such a charmer, Ben.

I tried to take an official portrait of him (see above) but he was too intent on napping in the afternoon sunshine to pose. Who am I to disrupt that? Most especially on a birthday...

Happily there is also this photo, taken on our morning walk today where he was proud to have found an extra big stick for the return trip. It is daily project that he takes rather seriously...

...and is one of the few "typical" aspects of this delightfully unique dog.

I love you, Bidou.

Happy Birthday mon Ben!

I will leave you with two of my very favorite Ben posts:
and the classic


  1. AUGURI BEN BEN................HAPPY HAPPY DAY!You do remind me a bit of my WINSTON a CARDIGAN CORGI.It is in the eyes the way they look at YOU.I love that he collects sticks.............do they make it all the way home?You should do a PHOTO of the stick pile!!!Or does he take it down and break them up to chew...............regardless, HE IS A LOVE OF A DOG!Anyone can see THAT from his PHOTOS......................XOXO

  2. What a beauty he is! Joyeux anniv' Ben!!!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to Ben! Oh, yes he has soul...no doubt about it!
    I cannot ever imagine life without one or two and sometimes three of these four legged Angels! I feel so privaleged to be able to make that connection, albeit fleeting.
    Curious about the stick collection,too! What does he do with them? Are they for a game of fetch or just find and carry around?
    Wishing Ben many more fine days and naps in the sunshine..and treasured sticks, T xx

  4. Only a golden! Love your tribute and your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. OH Ben, if you had a little finger you certainly would have me wrapped around it... He is just like my adorable Labrador, Princess Della was, she too brought home the biggest sticks or more like whole branches she could find, those eye tactics, he has it all.
    Happy Birthday Ben.. & many more. Just read your 2012 link posts,... ADORABLE .

  6. Ben and Barbie's birthdays are but days apart! Happy birthday to handsome Ben. He is a noble gentleman and the perfect brother and guardian to his more challenging younger brother.

  7. HB Ben! You are a darling. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  8. Happy birthday to a prince among dogs and wishing him many, many more, with love from Down Under.

  9. How sweet he is! I love that he collects sticks. Just a desliscious animal. You see it in his face. Sweetness abounds!
    Sandra Sallin http://www.ApartFromMyArt.com

  10. Happy Birthday beautiful boy, kisses and love sent your way from Australia. Suzana xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Ben! So pleased you found an extra big stick for your special Day !!! Some days they are hard to find.

  12. Ben is such a handsome boy! Those eyes reflect so much benevolence and love. I have a yellow male Labrador, so I'm very partial to Golden Retrievers, as well. They are just the best!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Ben!

  13. He is a truly beautiful dog. Happy birthday Ben ... wishing you many more.

  14. Dearest Ben,

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Ben. We admire your sweet spirit and the way you care so well for your Maman, Remi, and Kipling. We hope you've enjoyed a day not only of great sticks but pampering, love, and joy.

    Your friends,

    Remy and his Maman

  15. Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!! He is the sweetest pupper - and I LOVE the photos - the silly ones and the velvet-painting-eyes one and the last one - magnifique! Best. Ever. I can vouch for his lovely soul and silliness, and I'm glad that Kipling's arrival didn't dampen his spirits. I'm so glad for our doggies who bring us so much joy, and for anything that can make you laugh daily! Give him a BIG hug for me, please!

  16. What a sweet tribute!! Happy Birthday, Ben!!!! xxooxoxoxoxo

  17. Happy Birthday, dear Ben, and Best Wishes for many, many more! I sure wish we lived closer to each other so we all could celebrate your birthday together. I can tell that you have a huge heart and are full of baloney, just like me and my little brother Bob. Yup, you are beautiful in every way. Lots of love, Henry (13 next February 22), with Bob (my naughty little brother) and our humans Leslie and Scott in Oregon. P.S. I completely understand about sticks (and balls)...wonderful to just hold in our mouths and carry along on a walk, right? And if someone throws them for us, so much the better! And if someone throws them in the water for us, well, that's fetching heaven!

  18. What a sweetie. Birthday hugs and smooches to you, Ben. Just don't try walking through a doorway with a big stick. ;-) I've owned a golden and a part golden and they are just the sweetest. Now I have a border collie mix and she, too, is a stick collector. There is always a pile by our back door. I keep a basket there just for them.

  19. Happy Birthday dearest Ben, I would love to give you a big kiss on that delicious nose. Heather, you'll have to do that for me, maybe a couple... Have a wonderful day, a special dinner, and a nice big stick to chew on later.


  21. Happy Birthday Ben!
    The big stick is hilarious!
    Every time I see Ben's photo I feel happy.
    Thank you for sharing him

  22. Ben is an angel! Many dogs are angels ! And sometimes they return to you!!! What a lovely, appreciative and magical dog!! He knows how lucky he is!!!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Ben. I fell in love with you even before I knew "Lost in Arles".

    Via the google image search for the Cap Bénat I found an image of Ben in front of the sea. And the one thing that told me this photo was that here is a dog who deeply loves and trusts the person who took the photograph.

    Nine is already... lets say "agé" for a dog? In German we would say a "proud age". May he be well and with you for a long, long time!

    Did anybody mention he is also a VERY handsome dog! (;

  24. Happy Birthday to Ben !!! Give him a big hug from me!! He is so lovely! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures! Truly beautiful my dear Heather! xoxo Greet

  25. Happy Birthday Ben, Every now and then, us dog lovers are lucky enough to be adopted by a very special dog. Ben is one of them. You can see it in every one of his photos.
    We have had quite a few dogs. All of them were special. For the past 8 years we have been so blessed to have Lucy, a Brittany Spaniel. She is the smartest, the sweetest, the most loving dog we have ever had. Wish Ben could meet her.

  26. Happy birthday Ben! Be always healthy and make your maman laugh!

  27. Having met Ben, whom I think is actually a human in disguise, I think you two are made for each other. Big birthday scratches to Ben!

  28. Happy Belated Birthday, Ben! What joy you bring Heather and Remi! You are so photographic - but, I must say, some of the credit must go to your Mommy! I love that far away look in your portrait! You are so handsome!

  29. Happy birthday to your sweet, soulful boy!

  30. Happy Birthday to dear ben Heather. he is such a good companion!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Sandra Goroff

  31. Happy Birthday Ben. I am willing to bet that Ben would be happy in any home as long as you and Remi lived there too.

  32. The last photo should be a portrait! We have a Golden and she is our heart! I would have 5 of them if I could!

  33. Happy (belated) birthday, Ben!



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