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A perfect vacation rental in Saint Germain des Prés - Paris!

Are you ready to dream a little dream with me? And to perhaps make that dream a reality?

Today, I am very, very excited to share with you what I think is the perfect apartment vacation rental in the best neighborhood that Paris has to offer...Saint Germain des Prés.

What makes this particular apartment so special to me is that it is the home of someone whose taste quite a few of you have come to know and admire...that of my friend Anthony.

For Paris is where Anthony and his partner hang their hats - that is when they are not in Provence working on their amazing home renovation project

As they have only very recently decided to start renting out their apartment, you will be one of the first to know of this that Anthony calls a "petit endroit secret sous les toits de Paris" - yes, indeed...

I have long been a believer of renting out apartments rather than camping out at hotels. It gives you, the visitor, the opportunity to live entirely on your own schedule and more importantly, to have the irreplaceable experience of tapping into the usually unknown life of a local. As a travel writer, this was always my goal, to discover the true "esprit du lieu"...or spirit of place.

And what a spirit! Their apartment covers the entire top floor of a 17th century hôtel particulier (not to worry, each floor is private) in the heart of the 7th arrondissement.

Are you starting to get the sense that this is an exceptional pied à terre for all of your Paris sojourns? Good! Because it truly that in France, pied à terre is usually a code-word for "tiny" and this apartment is an incredibly spacious 75 square meters (over 800 square feet)! Considering that many Parisian hotel rooms run in at around 15 square meters...well, you are smart enough to figure that one out on your own. ;)

There is everything that is needed in a true home away from home...wifi, full kitchen, dishwasher and laundry.

I know first-hand from when Anthony was renting out his previous village house that he prepares fantastically helpful lists of will have the key to hidden spots in the neighborhood that even Parisians don't know about! Plus, there is family just at hand should you need extra help. This is an extremely safe area and there is a digicode for entry to the building as well.

All one needs to do is just walk out the front door and enjoy - there is even a great antiquaire in the courtyard below. The Seine is a one and a half minute walk in one direction (!) with the Louvre and the Jardins des Tuileries just beyond. My personal "nothing bad could ever happen to you here" Le Bon Marché is a quick stroll in the opposite direction with Café de Flore and Les Deux Magots at a three minute hop! You could go every day...

And if you really felt the need to leave the cartier for some strange reason ;) the metro and bus are a five-minute walk away. Oh, and the bus is direct to both the Gare de Lyon and the Gare Montparnasse for those coming/going further afield.

The apartment is perfect for two people. There is one bedroom but also an office that is open to the living area and kitchen. A baby bed or small mattress can be set up in the office as needed but this will be not as comfortable as the fluffy bed in the main bedroom.

The design is a mix of antiques and modern - Anthony and his partner's signature. I think that the photos speak for themselves on that point, non? I will add that the beautiful original tomettes are quite unusual (this is Paris not Provence after all) and I love the texture of the wooden beams plus the sloped ceilings. The apartment is filled with light, has spectacular (and rare) views and is very quiet.

"Oh my," you might be thinking. "This all has to be wildly expensive." Now, really. Would I do that to you? That is not my style. And that is why I am so thrilled to share this address with you.

 For you see, the Secret Paris in the 7th apartment is available to rent for 140 Euros ($160 USD at the time of writing) per night.

Is there a catch? That depends on how you look at it.

I did mention that the apartment is on the top of the building, yes? So that would be the sixth floor and there is not an elevator in this formerly private mansion. anyone knows who loves Paris, if you want the views and if you want the light (crucial in la cité de la lumière!), then you have to be willing to walk a bit. Anthony has assured me that the flights are not too steep. And just think, it would be a carte blanche to have all of the croissants and Montrarchet Grand Cru (perhaps just not together) that you could desire! Trust me, it is worth it...

...because at the end of an amazing day in Paris, you could rest your weary but memory-filled head here while looking beyond to the night sky floating over the rooftops of your dreams...


If you are interested in renting this little bit of heaven, please contact Anthony directly at: for further information and availability.
Yes, he speaks English et mais bien sûr, il parle bien français.


As always, I am only sharing this with you because I believe that it is amazing, just as I feel strongly that anyone who gets to have such a true Parisian experience is very fortunate. Enjoy and feel free to pass this along!

All photos courtesy of Anthony Lee Watson


  1. Oh Heather .. you're killin' me .. six flights to Heaven .. I intend to tuck this information into my Paris files. Mahalo et Merci for sharing!


  2. Well you never know! I'll save it just in case. A lot of my clients are enjoying 2-3 month stays abroad so even though I probably won't stay there I might be able to share with people who will! It's lovely. I love that mirror on the mantle!

  3. oh wow. a piano! No one has pianos anymore! (not that I play...but I do love to have one handy to practice!) And I completely second the sentiment that renting a home is wildly preferable to a hotel on vacation. Since I am currently preparing to stay in your recommendation of the lovely place in Simiane la Rotonde, I am bookmarking this for future reference. I think I might just stay in every place you tell me to. How could I go wrong?

  4. What a fabulous spot. Amazing taste. And the light!! I love that part of Paris. And it's an absolute bargain. The next time I'm in Paris, I want to stay here!

  5. This looks absolutely fantastic! What a beautiful apartment -it would make for the most romantic trip of a lifetime! Will share with friends!

  6. What a beautiful apartment full of light. We will be in Paris in July, but alas, we already have hotel (small, family run) reservations. Next time.

  7. What a lovely place! I still dream of Anthony's townhouse in Provence (the one he was selling last year).
    Last time we stayed in Paris (about 5 years ago....horreur) we stayed in St Germain in a typically can't swing a cat sized hotel room so this would be heaven. Great price, too! Thank you, Heather.

  8. Dear Heather, what an amazing and charming apartment to rent!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!
    Sending lots of love to you my friend! xoxo Greet

  9. What a beautiful apartment and in such a fantastic area. Bravo to you, we can all dream a little today now! However, it's 30C in the Charente Maritime, the skies are blue, the birds are singing, right now I don't want to go anywhere!!!

  10. Thank you - what a delightful place. I have tucked this post away in a place where I can easily access it for the next time that I am in Paris. We normally stay in the Marais up lots of stairs, isn't that Paris ?? -

    ADORE the windows.......................
    They will have NO problem renting this ABODE!!!!!!!!

  12. Lovely, lovely apartment (tomettes in Paris!) in my most beloved area in Paris, the loveliest capital in the world!

  13. It is in a fabulous location and looks beautiful...i love Paris and who knows I may go back again and this would be a better less expensive option. The hotel I stayed in was over twice the cost per night and teeny tiny. This will be one hot property!

  14. What a fabulous apartment.My favourite decorating style, antique and modern in a character building. I'm laughing to myself, because I can't stop thinking about how in the world they got the piano up there.

  15. Thank you for sharing this wonderful apartment, Heather. As usual, Anthony and his partner have created an exquisite and balanced space. Always spot on with detail and never over the top or cluttered. It's always such a pleasure to view the amazing rooms that they create.
    So glad to see your post in my inbox. Have been thinking of you, and enjoyed La Contessa's post & pics of your CA visit!

  16. It looks amazing. Pity I'm not visiting Paris any time soon.

  17. Whoa - amazing place and beautifully shot by toi! They must be so happy for this beautiful "advertisement" - I hope it brings them lots of renters! And don't think we don't notice your kind, loving gesture - busted! Loooove the chaise by the window, and the LIGHT - it will go like hot cakes!

  18. A wonderful revelation, live like a local and enjoy the stay.
    The apartment has all the amenities.
    I have to remember your advice when one day we visit Paris.

    Thank you Heather for the beautiful photos and text.

  19. perfect! What a lovely place for you to stay! Love that simplicity of pared down white and textures...beautiful location as well, we stayed in that area about 10 years ago...where does the time go?! :)

  20. It sounds fantastic! I'm dreaming of a little sojourn there!
    Deborah C.

  21. This place is So amazing. If only there weren't an ocean between me and it right now, I'd go there and hide away for as long as I could.


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