Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Photography Lost and Found, a celebration

Yes, I am absolutely celebrating tonight.

The candles are lit, the jazz is loud. Bring out the Baccarat coupes and oh, to hell with it, just shake up the champagne and shower it over my poor grinning face, I don't care.

For I am so deeply happy. I have been given quite the gift.

But. I have something to admit. While I am a stickler for honesty, I haven't been so with you. Not about one certain but very important (to me) subject.

For some time, there are those amongst you who have been kindly making suggestions (or occasionally, demands) that I do a book or sell art prints, to which I always demured or agreed, but vaguely.

Now, hold on, no editor has approached me yet, that is not the news. You see, I know how your mind works because we are so in sync after all these years...

More than six, to be precise.

And for these past twelve months...for a reason that is lengthy and deeply personal to explain...I thought that all of the photography from the first five of those years, the full files, were gone. Lost. Just gone. 

During that time I was publishing three times per week with anywhere between 20 to 50 saved images for each post. This times 260 weeks. Even at a conservative estimate, that is over 5000 photos. Without high resolution versions, there could never be a book nor could I sell prints. I would really like to do both, once my life is more in order.

Now I can.

Because, in such a wonderfully mysterious fashion, those files were found today. Very much hidden in an unlikely source, stacked away under miscommunication amidst the deep confusion of my leaving Provence. Of course, now I am here again, and miraculously, so is the photography.

So not all is Lost forever. 

For me, that is quite something and a source of Hope so tangible that I could stretch to kiss the night stars shining. And do you know what? I just might.

 These are a few of a series of photos that I have saved for quite some time; put aside, squirrel-like, for the eventual day that I might do a book. At least some of them. But oh, how I have come to learn to not wait for life to give you the green light. They were taken at a friche industriel, or abandoned industrial site in the hills above L'Isle de la Sorgue. I think that they pretty much sum up what I am aiming for at Lost in Arles, in a very general way, to express my love for this time-worn and tested region...

I know that quite a few of you in the past have been interested in participating in Together Rising's incredibly positive and inspiring fund-raising efforts, in which all proceeds go to directly help individuals in dire need. In light of the most recent anti-Muslim travel ban, today's is especially poignant. Tonight I will be celebrating by giving. It may be little (donations are a maximum of $25), but it will be a tangible echo to the gratitude that I deeply feel.  


  1. YES! What good news ... for all of us! Perhaps Kickstarter or something similar might help the project along. So very happy for you.

  2. Absolutely stunning images, a book would be heaven, you are so talented. Xx

  3. OMG, I am joyfully feeling your happiness, ecstasy at finding your photo files! A book will be so difficult - to select only a portion of your beautiful photos - but it will be so worth it! My contractor smelled gas under my house yesterday, and I need to replace all my gas lines - ugh - but when I left the house, as the Gas Co said to get out right away, I grabbed the one thing I had to have saved, my thumb drives of all my photos! The Gas man kind of laughed when I showed him, but I just had on a big smile. I can relate to your pleasure, life affirming feeling of having your photos! I can hardly wait to see what you might pick out to put in the book - loved the ones you shared today! Enjoy just reveling in seeing your photos again! A book would be major gravy!

  4. Your words and photographs are so beautiful. I am smiling and so happy for you! Good news! Something we all need right now.

  5. Been thinking about you all day, for some reason...... this is indeed marvellous news. Your photos need to be shared, they might change a life.

  6. I am so glad that you found your photos. It is heartbreaking to have lost something so precious. Make a copy and put it someplace safe (i.e., not at home with the originals, but in a different place)--a bank vault, a friend's house. Make two copies!
    I am highly suspicious of cloud services, but you might want to consider that. The key is a good password and two-factor authentication.
    A book isn't a question of if, but when.

  7. Congrats on your "Pix Discovery" .. Even more important Congrats on your soaring spirit .. such a good thing to "feel" half way round the globe! Go Rocket !!

  8. what a bright spot in my gloomy day! Such happy news about finding your photos, and about the possibility of a book. YES!!!

  9. Sending a big loud "WOOT" your way today! And as I settle into my new home, I am looking forward to selecting one of your prints to hang here in the not-too-distant future.

  10. That is fantastic news! May all work out for publishing your beautiful works of art.


  11. Hoo-ray!!! So glad for your happy news - of course you're over the moon!! Just another green light from the universe, I say - another "yes, keep going!" So happy for you and for us, to see these scrumptious photos - love them! Also - impermanence! Just because something seems lost forever doesn't mean that it necessarily is...

  12. Wonderful news! Your photos are so evocative of place and history.

  13. A great piece of news! Good luck with this delightful endeavor!

  14. Wonderful photos! Wonderful news !

  15. Really happy for you. Yes please a beautiful book of you photos. This is really going to happen.

  16. This is great news all around...we celebrate your happiness and the found treasures along with you!! Fondly, Leslie in Oregon

  17. ΟH the beautiful full of meanings photos! Wonderful! I like them very much! So now you will be lucky again and do a book!

  18. Congratulations Heather. This is great news and definitely a very good reason to celebrate.
    I sent you an email and wonder if your received it.

    Fond wishes

  19. I can hear the smile in your voice! It is so good to hear! Can't wait to see your book/art prints. As I was reading and scrolling through your photos, I was mentally making choices of which I might choose to have as prints, once you are organised with that!
    Very good news!
    Sending you good wishes!
    Deb Carter - Melbourne, Australia

  20. I'm very happy for you Heather. Your photos are worth sharing and I hope you share more of them. This was also a beautifully written message expressing how meaningful your craft is to you -- and therefore to us. Wishing you well... Ciao for now! Michelle

  21. How magical that must feel (it does for me just reading it). I harbor the same feelings for things I've written and fear they've disappeared forever in the online abyss, and am a stickler for photographs, many of which I had to practice the letting-go while leaving an old life. It was like leaving a child behind, yet it was also a lesson in nothing being lost forever. I took all of them, and that can never be lost within me, right? Your photos evoke so much promise in each of them along with their beauty, I found myself naming them as I scanned them, "Up", "Reaching In", "An Opening", "New", "Light Beyond Shadow", "Broken Barriers." I hope you don't mind my having a little fun with your beautiful imagery. Good luck with your endeavors, and Hooray for the Discovery! ~Nicole in CA

  22. Lost once now found. Your plans are on the way to reality.
    New work.

  23. You made me happy just reading this post. What a lovely image of spraying one's face with champagne. . .I will keep that in mind should I have a future success to celebrate! Congratulations!

  24. This is the most wonderful news - you certainly deserve some good luck indoor life. Bisous


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