Monday, August 24, 2020

All in the beginning

Hello, here is another word story that I improvised for me, for us. I hope that you will listen:

Just a few things in the postscript...

I realise that this is a sentimental post. 
But not only.
Hopefully, you will remember that I do not often let myself revisit such territory.
When I do it is for a reason.
I had a surprising invitation to a pool party yesterday at an outstanding property with welcoming new to me friends. I am not usually able to attend such events and so was all the more delighted that I did. My host, J, mentioned in a mail today, "I like what you said about the singletons. I think marrieds have no way of knowing (or sometimes choose to ignore) how hard life can be in general when you are single, particularly when trying to make a life in a foreign country." Agreed. 
And today in communicating with my Sister (you would all love her so much) about this post I asked, "Can we appreciate who we were and be strong enough to look forward with an open heart?" And she responded, immediately, "I think we can! Maybe the best is yet to come?!"

Yes, Robin. We are always all in the beginning. 

We are all so delicate and so strong at the same time. How can that be?
Yes, of course I wish I didn't always ask so many questions but my questions buoy me. 
Let us keep repeating on what gives us hope. 

With Love and Gratitude from Provence, 
A very tired but still curious 


  1. Dear Heather, let me first say a Belated Happy Birthday, you are truly gorgeous at 51, still a babe in the woods of life. I so enjoyed your soundcloud clip, especially listening to it as a woman in my early 60's. "When you are young, beautiful and bold and you make choices that are incredible" me that is as true today as it was when I was in my 20's, if not more so. I think we make far better choices with wisdom and with age we get a good way. ;) You signed off you clip saying that when you were young, you were exceptional, do not know. Well, I know we can all agree that you are EXCEPTIONAL! I love your thought process and where you are going. I think I spent my 50's asking the same questions, keep asking and thinking them through. For me, there came a point in time when I knew which direction I was heading and I felt stronger than I had in many years. This is one of those conversations you need a few glasses of champagne for...I hope one day we can do that! Stay well my friend, think deep...stay, the beautiful, bold, incredible person that you are. Jeanne xx

  2. I am loving these spoken word projects you are doing. Thank you Heather and know you are valued and appreciated. I love how you seek beauty and hope you can find contentment in this latest evolution of your life. Remember you have a lot more life and beauty and connections in front of you. Life may not be as you planned but it can be surprising.

  3. Heather, a happy belated birthday to you. My friend, life has ebs and flows, ups and downs, happy days and sad, times when we feel on top of the world and times when it feels as if we are trying to swim out of a black hole. You are a beautiful soul, a creative and wonderful woman who has given so much to the world and still has so much left to offer and give. Life does not always go as we thought, we do not always find ourselves where we imagined but my friend, as I approach 53 I find that I am in a much better place than I ever imagined and it has nothing to do with a husband, child, significant other or job, it is within.

    Be well, be happy, sending you a hug.


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