Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dichotomy Deux

Photo © Remi Benali

Just a quick addendum after yesterday's post concerning the odd melange of the Easter bullfights. During yesterday's corrida, two surprising events occurred. The young Tomasito, who after many years of training was in the ring as his first turn as a torero, was brutally stabbed twice in the thigh by his bull's horns, an injury which will possibly keep him from returning to the ring. Earlier in the day he had told the local paper, La Provence, that "there are so many people who never get the chance to make their dreams happen. The bulls are my reason to live. I think that I am extremely fortunate!" Fate was far kinder to one of the bulls, Pasion, who was spared his life by a public that was won over by his intelligence. The red bull managed to avoid every single thrust of the torero's blade while following his cape with the ease of a swaying cobra. Despite my having mentioned this very possibility in the comments yesterday, this act of pardon is rarissime.

I'll admit to a fair amount of dancing under the stars (and a dusting of rain) last night but not too much either, as I stick to my NYC credo--"always leave the party while it is still good". I can assure you, bouncing around the cobble stones in high heels is not an easy feat. Now, Remi and I are taking Ben and running away to the country, delighted beyond belief that we have been invited to stay with friends for the next two evenings. Time to leave the noise behind and think of what Easter can really symbolize. For no matter what your religious beliefs, from time to time we all can use the opportunity to renew, to start again.


  1. Hello:
    Complete chance has, happily, brought us to your interesting and varied blog although we have to say that we are none too keen on bull fights. But the surprise for us is that they take place in France, rather than solely, as we thought, in Spain.

    As exiles from our native land, we too, much as you have suggested, believe that local customs and traditions must be accepted for what they are. It is, after all, the experience of a different culture which makes living abroad so very fascinating.

    We are signing ourselves as Followers to keep in touch.

  2. Oh Hooray! Thank you for your kind compliments. I can't wait to learn more about you--being an expat is such an unusual experience isn't it?

    Definitely wishing I could be home with the rest of my family tomorrow though. Always my feeling on a holiday.

    Happy Easter!

  3. I saw bullfighting once in my life for like a nanosecond in Mexico, never again. I realize it’s their custom but that doesn’t mean I have to watch. I hope the young man who was hurt realized his dream no matter the outcome.

    I hope you have a very Happy Holiday with your friends, enjoy Easter!


    (I gave Dylan dog scratchies from you as instructed, he says thank you!)

  4. I'm not a big one for the concept of bull fighting but I try not to be judgmental about other cultures' customs. Wishing the young bullfighter a speedy recovery and you a wonderful Easter holiday!!

  5. I went to Spain when I was 17 and we attended a bullfight. I was along with a couple who had been in a concentration camp, the only ones there crying. Obviously those bulls were not as smart as the one you saw. Hopefully people will not derive pleasure from the torture of an animal whether its a bullfight or dogfight. Whats the difference? Personnally I prefer a candlelit dinner and a good book for my entertainment!

  6. I hear ya Nicole and couldn't agree more! What an incredibly moving story. I can imagine how much that experience must have stayed with you.

    Debra and Stacey, as always thank you for your insightful comments and holiday wishes. I had a wonderful time and have at least a weeks worth of photos (I think!). I just wish it could have lasted longer...


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