Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Sale in Arles

I had the good fortune of taking friends to visit this absolutely beautiful hôtel particulier, or mansion, that is currently for sale in Arles. Built in the 17th century upon the remains of a medieval cellar (one of only six here), it is honestly one of the more striking opportunities that I have seen on the market in quite some time. All of the time periods decorative characteristics are present--the hand-painted wooden beams topping simple high-ceiling stone rooms, winding staircases that have been worn down with the steps of centuries. The building has been impeccably restored by an antiques dealer who has brought out the finest aspects of each of its eleven rooms. As with much of the architecture here, this hôtel particulier was built vertically rather than horizontally and dominates the hill that is considered to be the most elegant area in central Arles. The quality of light shifts drastically throughout this very private home, from the deep shade of its patio opening up gradually to an explosion of sun shining over the town's most central monuments, most notably with a front row view over the Amphitheatre. For more information (in French) and photos not taken by yours truly, I have provided the following link: 

I was especially impressed by the professionalism of Emilie and Michel, the team from Bertaud Immobilier that showed the home. If you are interested, Emilie can be reached directly on (33) 6 08 28 81 57 or don't hesitate to contact me for further info.


  1. I have the perfect idea! You and Remi buy it, and then all of us GPers can come for a long vacation! See? Isn't that clever? ;-)

  2. Oh how beautiful!! It's simply stunning!!

  3. Beautiful! I love the light playing with the rooms. Great photos, Heather - terrific house tour.


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