Friday, April 29, 2011

In the Alpilles, Part Two

I awoke uneasily on Easter morning, having slept poorly due to a dose of unaccustomed silence. Luckily, our hosts were ready with as much café as was needed to get going. When I was asked how I took it, I explained "comme un camionneur", like a truck driver, which elicited a wry smile. After a bit of toast slathered in jam made from the apricot tree from the other side of the kitchen door, I was out breathing in the sun. Ben followed after my call. I admit I was thinking of this blog and had my little Pentax in hand. As often happens, doing things with others in mind can lead to something positive for yourself. My Tod's crunched along the path, my eyes adjusted to the scope of the countryside, to its undulating shadows. Walking until I stopped thinking. How long it had been since I had been in nature alone. Remi and I live together, work together, are joined at the hip. That is the life that we have chosen and I love it. But to have enough time to just see for myself what was laying about and to fill up the inspiration tank was a great gift. And a very appropriate one for that particular holiday. Beauty as hope, hope as beauty.


  1. Hello Heather:
    Sometimes, but only sometimes, solitude can be a very rejuvenating experience, particularly when one finds oneself in glorious countryside, such as you show here.

    Your first image is exactly like an Impressionist painting. Monet, perhaps?

  2. Love love love aaaaaaand love this. Every pixel. Flynn and I are together all the time too. Though we don't work with each other, we both work from home, both love it and it's taken me some time to see being apart as a way to collect stories to bring back to our nest.
    another love about this post is the reminder that giving is how we receive

  3. What a beautiful weekend; thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. A little solitude is good for the soul as evidenced by your pictures!

  5. Dear Heather,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment in my blog! I found your blog some days ago through Brooke from Velvet & Linen. And I am so glad I did!
    I love your beautiful photography of one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Provence! You are so lucky to be able to live there!!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  6. I know that I have to stop saying this but I am so thrilled by the very interesting people that have found my little blog. It has opened up so many new paths to explore, other little worlds.

    Les Hattats, well, that was what I was trying for--not quite arriving but trying. Trace, so perfectly said, as usual. Something to think about.

    Greet and for everyone--wishing you a wonderful weekend as well. I'm off to go look for flowers at the market...

  7. Ticky Hedley DentApril 30, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    My Tods crunched along the path too! Too! lol


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