Friday, May 6, 2011


I am delighted to let you all know that the story that Remi and I did on the Khampas people in Tibet has been published (including the cover!) in the current issue of Animan. In circulation since 1981, this Swiss magazine has over 250,000 readers with editions in French and German. Their focus is on celebrating the beauty of the world's diversity and I am proud to have my writing in this high quality publication. 

I promise to write soon about our amazing trip to meet these "Warriors of the Sky". If you would like to see a few more photos, you can on Remi's website: The Khampas. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Heather, these images are stunning.. You should pinterest some/all of them. They are breathtaking.
    I suspect your articles are enough to prompt me to keep stumbling along with French.
    Congratulations are decidedly in order and with these sorts of accolades maybe you subconsciously think you neeeeed laundry in your life to keep you grounded?
    nah.. laundry pretty much just happens.

  2. Congrats, braggy sister! (just kidding on the "braggy" part). How to have another article published! Love Remi's pics - especially the guy falling off the horse; wish you had put a link to that page on Remi's site! And wish there was a way to read your story in English - is there a way? One more thing: you rock!!

  3. Thanks so much you two wonderful ladies. I will definitely write more about this story--as it is especially dear to my heart-- with the intro in English but am happy to send the article in its entirety to whoever wants it. I still write in English and then we translate into French so a "version originale" just sits there, useless in my computer.

    Ps. For Info, my sister's profile photo is not up to date.

  4. Hello Heather:
    This is indeed wonderful. But, we are not in the slightest bit surprised to learn that you have been published in Animan. Anyone reading your beautifully presented, exceedingly erudite posts will be aware immediately of your talent/skill/flair as a writer. Your professionalism shines through in all that you write, affording the reader, and here we count ourselves fortunate to be included, enormous pleasure.

  5. No bragging required - the pics and story speak for themselves. Robin is right - you rock!

  6. Dear Ms. Robinson,

    I've only recently discovered the work of you and your partner (are you folks married?....I couldn't quite figure-out that fact....not that it matters).

    In any case, you both do/make wonderful, amazing (not a word I use often or lightly) work.

    My own partner is (as you may have gathered from my scarcely-discreet comments on Dominique Browning's blog) French. An epidemiologist, to be precise. Google his tail, and you get something around 4763 results (last time I bothered to look). For better or worse, the FIRST result you get is a painting of him as a frog on a bicycle...which I made for his mother and which seems to have gotten more individual hits than any of his gazillion speeches in front of international conferences on viral co-infections.

    In any case, we'll be in touch with you regarding two of the african photographs (which he really loved the moment he came home from a trip last week, and I showed them to him). He began his career by working in the first string of women's clinics in Faso-Burkina.

    I should add that one of my least attractive qualities is the inability to recall how to say or spell that country's name.....I once referred to it (at a dinner pary, unfortunately) as "Bikini-Faster". Freudian slip #6987....

    In any case, it's wonderful to have discovered your blog and Mr. Benali's work.


    david Terry

  7. P.S. Not that this is entirely "on subject", but?....(and simply because I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever heard).....

    I'm friends with the novelist and former war-journalist, Geraldine Brooks (who seems to have once had drinks in the Nairobi airport with Herve after they were both airlifted out of Eritrea). A couple of years ago, she told me that all of the female war-correspondents referred to the members of Medicins sans Frontiers as "Doctors Without Trousers".

    From what I gahtered, those doctors were a pretty flirtatious (to phrase the matter politely) bunch.

    ----david Terry

  8. Much deserved congratulations Heather to both you and Remi. How wonderful!! I don't know how I fell so far behind here. I will have to catch up!!

  9. Oh my, there is, again, so much to respond to here. I have to say right off the bat that yes David, you really did make me laugh out, loudly, by your story. Luckily (or not?) I have always travelled with Remi and trust me, he is not the type to mess with so I have actually never been hit on by anyone, anywhere. I will send you an email tomorrow and am delighted that you and your partner appreciate Remi's work. I am loving discovering yours!

    Les H's, I am the one who considers myself fortunate to have you here. Even my Mom spoke of your eloquence today. You give me something to aspire to.

    And Q it is great to see you here. Your blog has been nothing short of incredible lately and it is only from a distance that I can imagine how much work you have put into it. Love it!

  10. A PS. to David--I sent (a rather rambling) email to the address on your website. Hoping that was the correct one!


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