Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so crazily fortunate to have such an incredible Mom. The word "fortunate" actually doesn't begin to cut it. She is beautiful, funny, smart as a whip, incredibly caring, generous, cultivated, very elegant and yet never pretentious. Basically, a finer role model couldn't be found. She has gone through some very challenging times and yet has stayed true to herself and continues to look forward even when it is scary to do so. I don't know of anyone, anywhere who likes to have fun more than her. Even though I am the world traveller, she is the adventurous one who will pull me down some nasty looking alley in New Orleans and of course, led by her infallible food radar, find the tastiest restaurant of the trip. She is not ageist and although always appropriate, continues to be the same fantastic dresser that left me googly-eyed while I was growing up. My Mom has unfailingly been there for me and my Sister, always with love and support. The moments I spend with her and they are not often enough, are precious indeed.

I once spent a brunch with her in San Diego on this holiday and made a sign for the table saying "World's Best, most beautiful Mom" with an arrow pointing to her. I can't be there today, so here is my sign. I love you!


  1. Here, here!! (well said, talented writer sister!).

  2. What an adorable shot and lovely tribute to your mother!! Mine was exactly the same - full of life, adventure and creativity. A loving mother is certainly someone to cherish as you obviously do. I miss mine every day!

  3. Thanks sweetheart!

    I'm so honored and moved by your heartfelt praise. I couldn't be more proud to be the mother of two such amazing women.
    Love you so much,

  4. Hello Heather:
    This is such a very kind and moving tribute to your mother and it is so generous of you to share it with us all. She is, we are certain, a remarkable woman and it is lovely that she is so appreciated.

    We do hope that, even apart from her today, you are having a very happy time.

  5. Thank you so much everyone! I had a lovely conversation with my Mom and she was so delighted by her little surprise. I am sure that my Sister will properly fuss over her for the rest of the day.

    Les H's, you have understood perfectly. This is always a hard day to be living so far away but yes, we actually had a fantastic weekend. I'll be writing about yesterday (once I can edit the mountains of images taken) and today was a lovely follow up lunch that lasted for three hours in the garden--cremant included!

    Stacey, sending you my best today. Somehow I am not surprised to hear that you had such a special relationship with your Mom too. We are lucky and nothing can change the fine memories you have.

  6. That is such a sweet tribute to your Mom she must be very proud. I hope you're having a lovely day as well!

  7. What a loving tribute. And it's no surprise to read how terrific your mom is. She did a wonderful job raising you!

    I hope Ben is giving you the Golden Mom's Day treatment!

  8. That was very sweet, Heather! Is your Mom looking to adopt? I could be your US stand-in! ;-)

  9. A gorgeous tribute to you mother! She looks like she has a twinkle in her eye, too. These family days are always tinged with a bit of sadness for those of us who have ventured away from the family city and/or country.


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