Friday, June 17, 2011

It's not me, it's Baudelaire


The pillars of Nature's temple are alive
and sometimes yield perplexing messages;
forests of symbols between us and the shrine
remark our passage with accustomed eyes.

Like long-held echoes, blending somewhere else
into one deep and shadowy unison
as limitless as darkness and as day,
the sounds, the scents, the colors correspond.

There are odors succulent as young flesh,
sweet as flutes, and green as any grass,
while others -- rich, corrupt and masterful -

possess the power of such infinite things
as incense, amber, benjamin and musk,
to praise the senses' raptures and the mind's.

-- Charles Baudelaire

Wondering where we are going and am glad to know que je ne suis pas seule. Please feel free to take a look at Dominique Browning's post and a grateful thank you to David Terry for putting me in such fine company: Slow Love Life.


  1. A beautiful poem. This prompted me to read about Baudelaire and his poetry. Thank you for a wonderful post. Yes. I am familiar with Dominique Browning's blog. Like you, she writes posts which pose questions to the reader
    Fondly Helenxx

  2. Thank you so much, Helen. I find her writing wonderful and am glad to find you here as well. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  3. this manages to give me a sense of peace and to simultaneously roll around my tin pail brain like a not quite smooth stone. It will be there, doing so, for a while. t

  4. Dear Heather,

    you're welcome, I suppose....although I have to say that, in recommending your writing/blog, I wasn't aware of doing anything beyond stating an obvious FACT.

    You write very well...certainly engaging. (If nothing else, your blog/observations are an unexpected and VERY welcome alternative to what Herve refers to as "expatriate deco-porn" (the boy does, all done and said, know how to coin a cutting phrase). I came across your blog by accident and think it and you should be known by many more folks.

    No need to reply, and thanks back at you.


    David Terry
    (click on the "Blogs I'm Currently Following" icon for helpful hints as to how I'm successfully avoiding my own work lately......)

  5. Such a beautiful poem. I adore it!

    ~ Clare x


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