Friday, July 15, 2011

Order! Order!

Isn't it funny how our oh-so carefully constructed worlds can fall apart in a day? Luckily, I am just talking about an apartment and nothing worse but still couldn't help but smirk over all of the times that I moved a statue two millimetres to the left or right while looking at this mess. Today was my first day doing boxes and I am proud to say that I did all that you see and then some. My oh, we do have things. Some, like Remi's slides, are a living testament (literally, for if you don't know, film is actually alive, I love that) to our world and how it is changing on several levels. As are we. Remi woke me at 7am yesterday so that we could take over our best paintings and such to the new apartment before the traffic restrictions in the  Centre Historique hit. How interesting that so many of our pieces don't interest me in the slightest anymore. They were for another us, somewhere else.

I am on the fence with some of my books. It is a luxury to keep them, trophy-like, on a shelf. But I am not sure that someone as nomadic as myself has the right to hoard so many words. And the clothing, the highest heels of another life altogether? Well, I guess I am not entirely ready to let go of that alter-ego just yet. 

At one moment when my muscles were screaming so that I had to take a break over a glass of water in the kitchen, I spied a green dragonfly perched on the windowsill. Remi believes these crystalline creatures are the harbingers of good luck and so now I take it so. Surtout because at that moment, my random itunes was blaring the famous duet from Delibe's Lakmé. Something so gorgeous in the midst of such chaos and yes, I'll take all of the encouragement that I can these days. Frankly, I am just grateful to not be at the new apartment, where we have been painting/cleaning until 10pm every night this week.

My heart has been on a bit of a roller coaster. Do all Leos hate moving as much as I do or is it just because of the frequent changes of my childhood? As often as I have done this (I now consider myself to be a master packer), a part of me is deeply disconcerted. And yet it is just another address two streets over and not an entirely new life. How odd I am and how important it is to turn towards the new--how fortunate to even have the occasion. Of course, I know that. But for the moment, it is just the prospect of getting to decorate that is getting me through! I am deeply, profoundly tired but still looking forward to what could be. Hope swooping in, making a dramatic save once again.


  1. Hello Heather:
    How reassuring to know that gradually your new life is beginning to assert itself and that the move, which of course is both physically and mentally exhausting, and also very challenging, is now well under way and that after weeks of living an unsettled existence you are at last able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Two streets over or two million it doesn't matter you get to start fresh and clean and I love it. If cerrtain pieces no longer fit your life let them go! I know it's hard, as I've been aging, SLOWLY, I've had to let things go and letting go means letting go of a piece of you but with any luck there's alwways a new part of you to become. II know you're tired, I know you're exhausted but this too will end and you'll begin your life anew in a nice bright clean place...go for it!

  3. 1. keep your books and clothes; I really regret some of my throw-aways!
    2. thank you, Mr. Firefly, for being a good omen for my exhausted sister!
    3. moving is hard/sad, and our childhood did not help - you are not odd.
    4. yes, turn towards the new with an open heart and know those who love you (all of us reading your blog and more!) are sending you love and wishing you well!

  4. Dear Ms. Robinson,

    Frankly, I'd just QUIT.

    Perhaps, though, you're a better man than I am.

    As sincerely as ever,

    David Terry (who is, right after posting this, about to go in and tackle the business of dealing with about twenty pounds of fresh Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to bring them all into the house ysterday afternoon. Just now, I'm recalling that Garrison Kellor joke about why folks in Lake Woebegone NEVEr leave their cars unlocked during the summer......they're scared someone will stick 20 or so pounds of surplus zucchini in the back seat....)

  5. Hello Heather:
    You're almost there!
    Think of it as a treasure hunt.
    Like Remie travels far and away, up and down in harsh weather just to catch a MOMENT and share it with the world. How gratifying is to see later this moment published in National Geographic or else.
    Soon you'll invite a few of your dearest friends for a quiet glass of rose and then you'll be proud of your accomplishment and laughing away this exhausting adventure and welcome new you.

  6. How can I not be overwhelmed by such a positive response?! Thank you so much friends, I am so very grateful to have such a fascinating and generous group here. Everyone has something so specific to bring to the table!

    Truly, you got me going this morning after a long, sleepless night and I will carry these thoughts with me. Yes, it is just a move but still, so lovely to have friends and family to be there too.


  7. It's looking like something already!! I can so relate - I am unfortunately a pack rat (inherited honestly from my mother who never threw anything out). But I agree with Deb - moving, no matter how far is still moving. My last move was next door!! But it was still as much, if not more, work. But how exciting to start fresh!! I'm a Libra and feel the same - I don't like disruptions - I like that even flow. But all with come together and you'll be so pleased with yourself when you're done!!

  8. Thanks so much Stacey. Today is the last before the movers come! One more push!!! Yeeeehaaaa!

  9. Ugh! I think everyone hates moving! We've been in our place a month & a half now I think & we still have so many things to still fix/rework/unpack :-(

    ~ Clare x

  10. Well I don't know why but I think every move is harder than the last for me. Not physically, just emotionally. Perhaps as we get older there are more memories attached to things, and a greater appreciation for the fragility of things just falling into place precariously?

    On the flip side though, it is a grand adventure, and once settled in it will be exciting for you.

  11. I agree, Virginia. I am still in "attack" mode but can feel the waves of emotion underneath the surface. We know that this is the right thing to do but it doesn't make it any easier. I brought my laptop over to the garden where I still have internet and it is just so...lovely. I will miss it and yes, everything does feel far too precarious at the moment.


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