Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Third purchase!


Ooh, a little gift from the powers that be. Extremely exhausted, Remi and I left the apartment to go and pick up our boxes for the move. And a good thing too, considering that it is next Monday. Afterwards, we stopped by Troc' Soury, where I happened upon our first purchase for the new apartment. Hooray! Right there in front of me, voila, the light for the entry hall. And...at only 18€ a far cry less expensive than a very similar new version that I had planned to order from Morocco. Of course, with a new light, it would take decades to achieve the patina of this beauty. I am delighted and can't wait to see it lit--but there are spider webs and the remains of a nest inside it! Something to look forward to for the new apartment. But now, it is time to start packing...


  1. What a fabulous find!!! See - things are falling into place! Good luck with the packing!

  2. A beautiful lamp. It feels good to get an item that will fit beautifully in your new home


  3. Score! But let's not pretend it was just dumb luck - you are the treasure-finder extraordinaire!!!

  4. What a gorgeous find. Is it made for candles, and will you convert it for electricity?

  5. Thanks ladies! And yep, Virginia, we are going to try to convert it. If it really is too beat up on the bottom to look good, I know that I can always put it on the floor with all of our other lanterns!

  6. It's absolutely beautiful and what a steal!

    ~ Clare x

  7. Oh, Heather,......

    Reading your posting just now, I recalled the time (during my mid-twenties, which was a LONG time ago) when I showed up at the house of a snooty-boots woman who happened, at that particular time, to be the third wife and current chatelaine of one of Virginia's better known "FFV" houses.

    I was stupid and silly and young enough (at THAT time) to like her and to want to be liked in return).

    I got over that gig pretty quickly when I showed up in what silly-me thought was a wonderful coat. I asked her "Isn't it GREAT?!?! I got it used!!!!"....

    ....and the newly-married bitch (who was about 50-something, married to a spanking-new huband 15 years older than she was, and not likely to snag any more new husbands) archly replied:

    "Really?....did you ask who it had been used BY?"

    and, yes, Young-Me noticed that she didn't bother her so-refined self to notice the difference between "whom" and "who".

    all of which is to say that I like the spirit with which you and Remi approach the acquisition of various objects.

    There's probably a very good reason that the house you're moving into will, in about a new york minute, be transformed into an actual home for the two of you.

    Admiringly, and thanks for your blog.....

    David Terry

  8. David Terry, David Terry...I would say something about you deserving mega good karma for making me smile (an honest smile, not the cracked nervous gash that has been appearing lately) with your comment that was so perfect after two very long days. I would have loved for my 20 something self and yours to have met up, sounds like we were all too similar 'round then.

    Et merci Clare--what are you working on acting wise these days?


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