Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August in the Alpilles, Part Two

A few more and then one more post and then I will be off on to other things--I promise!


  1. I see the water is the different colour you were talking about in the lake. More "dense" in this image, but still so incredibly beautiful. And are those palms just growing wild?

    I love these very, very soft colours of late summer in Europe. It truly is a light different to other parts of the world. Not better, not worse, just different.

    Now with this salad dressing, Heather do you mean that soy sauce and parmesan cheese are to be put together? Yikes, that is a crazy combination of flavours! But I will try it tonight and report in! Virginia x

  2. Yes, everything has been bleached out by the sun at this point. It is all slightly powdery. Save for those palms, which are in our friend's garden (but I loved the criss-cross shadows). There are some giant palms here but much more along the Côte d'Azur. I love them--la glamour!

    As for the salad, the parmesan isn't in the dressing but shaved on top of the salad. I love fusion food and this is some kind of Italo Asiatic thing. As for yours, sigh, this being France, I wasn't able to get fresh chilis or sesame oil (!) at my local store. So either I will wing it with walnut oil and a dab of harissa or wait until Saturday when I can get chilis at the market...
    For those of you that are curious about what on earth we are talking about, please read the comments for this post on Virginia's always brilliant blog, Glamour Drops by Blue Fruit:

  3. Ok, about to try this crazy salad of yours Heather...will have to vary a little with green cabbage instead of purple...we are having butter chicken curry pies tonight which is already an English version of an Indian curry with a French pastry on top - so I cannot wait to serve it with your Global Salad!

    Hmm...not sure what you could use instead of the sesame oil to get that particular flavour, but maybe toasted sesame seeds with the walnut oil may do it. I grow chillies in pots because we use so many! Virginia x

  4. The area you were on holiday too is so beautiful so don't stop showing landscape pictures. Ben must have had a ball playing in all that open space. Ok salad dressing? I must have missed something.

  5. Ack! Virginia! I forgot another ingredient! I know it is too late. Sigh. But there are also chopped nuts on top. Here, it is walnuts, but peanuts would be tasty too. I am going to wait until I get the real ingredients to try yours! Sorry!!

    And Debra, I have one more post of them! Whew, glad that you are enjoying them and yes, more about Ben soon...

  6. Just magical!Noone on this side of the world is bored with your posts!Keep going!
    As for the salad dressing..........sounds tastey!

  7. Incredibly beautiful photos, Heather. I love it when you share that part of the world with the rest of us. The lighting is indeed unique, and I love that you never take any of it for granted, but see the beauty in even the shadows.

    I hope the real world has been kind to you upon your return!

  8. What a beautiful area so full of natural beauty! I look forward to the next post!!


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