Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flowers & Friendships

Flowers and friendships shake each others hands, don't they? They are virtual gifts that we can send across the world or very real gestures that melt the hearts of our loved ones and give consideration to a new acquaintance. Offering something alive is never a haphazard thing even in our casual, frayed at the cuff society. 

Not too long ago, a couple that we adore finally came to see our new apartment. As my copine is German, she brought a traditional house-warming gift from her homeland, for, with a little bread and salt, one already has all that is needed. I loved the little bit of green watercress and the carefully tied bow--it made a thoughtful gift even more so. Her charming husband, who is most certainly French, showed his roots by offering the always appreciated bottle of Champagne--cold and ready to pop!

In turn, I had bought fresh flowers to prepare for their arrival, for nothing makes friends more at ease in a new space than gorgeous blooms to gaze at. And yes, Remi did his part too--hence the wine lined up on the side table. An exchange of flowers and a toast to the importance of creating lasting bonds. Salut!


  1. Hello Heather:
    What a delightful way to christen your new home and cement the bonds of friendship. The gifts of bread, salt and Champagne were perfect and, as you say, how pretty the bread looked wrapped with its bow.

    Your new apartment is already looking like a beautiful, warm and welcoming home to our eyes and we wish you many more happy champagne cork popping times to come!!!

  2. How fun! Don’t you just love friends like yours? My neighbor/friend brought me flowers yesterday for no reason except that they were pretty and made her think of me….isn’t that sweet? Nobody has ever brought me bread, bread is a lovely thought especially wrapped up so beautifully. Sounds like you have some very nice friends!

  3. Dear Jane and Lance, I am trying my most so as to lure you both here--from either Budapest or Brighton it is not so very far, so that we may have sabrage ceremonies of our own!

    And Debra, yes, but it has taken time. So I am especially grateful. And it sounds like you are surrounded by some wonderful friends near you as well! And I know how much you deserve that bouquet! :)

  4. The gift of beautiful bread tied with a bow and a little greenery - how very special! I'm sure you enjoyed a special time together!

  5. We did indeed Dianne! Not to mention that the bread was excellent! :)

  6. Dear Heather,
    How unique to receive this gift by your friend! Soo personal! Love this!
    And I so love seeing a glimpse of your charming apartment!!!
    PS Thank you so much for your always sweet comments on my blog!

  7. I think I have mentioned before we own the same chairs!And now the black and white print in the gold frame...well I have a few of those too!Think I'll send you a photo later today!

  8. Hello Heather the giving of flowers and thoughtful gifts is such a lovely custom and always greatly appreciated. Your new apartment looks gorgeous and your so lucky to live in beautiful Arles.

    Thank you for your lovely comments over at mine, I am so glad you popped in, as it means I have discovered you too.

  9. Thank you ladies! Greet, your work is so amazing--I always, always look forward to your blog and especially those focused on your company.

    La Contessa, multo grazie for the photos--we are indeed, two peas in a pod.

    And Dash--hooray! I am so thrilled to have found your blog. That you have kept the glamour in you alive despite being in the country is something that I am going to reflect upon. I love it, so then why don't I let myself have more of it in my life?

    For those that are following along with the comments, Dash's blog is

    Take a look, you will be happy that you did. :)

  10. Lovely, absolutely lovely. What a pleasure to meet you. You have beautifully combined excellent writing with that inexplicable "taste" that one either has or does not have or somehow "gets it" once we move over here.

    Anyone who has her picture taken with her dog -- well, I'm automatically a fan.

    Warm regards,

  11. Oh Tish, finding both yours and Dash's blog in the same morning was a bit overwhelming (as they are both for me, clearly, "why did it take me so long to find these?" type experiences)--but not accidental for they came up as links to previous posts from French Settler week on My French Country Home. I saw them and thought "tiens". I loved your stories and honesty. I am delighted to have you both here.


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