Saturday, November 12, 2011

I love everything, deux

Remi and I were walking through Disneyland Paris. Night had just fallen. We were tired and tripping over our feet, trying to weave through the crowds. Suddenly the loud speakers barked out an announcement: "Please welcome Princess Aurora and her court!" White lights tracked to a stage that was instantly filled with dancers dressed in full Louis XIV regalia. The music began to swell. 

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream...I know you, that gleam in your eyes seems so familiar to me..." 

Despite myself, I started to sway in the dark, embarassed at first at my sentimental behaviour. Then I gave in and drank down the memories from long ago, covered by the shadows cast by a too full moon. For childhood still lives in us if we let it. We all know this. The capacity to beauty so close it is a second skin...

To let our hearts open and open and open....

I hope that you have enjoyed this second set of photos of Aix-en-Provence. It is no Disneyland, it is a real, bustling town but it can have the same effect for an adult like me. Both are most certainly worth the visit, for we all need to let ourselves dream now and again...


  1. Hello Heather

    I love your images of Aix en Provence, thank you for the journey with you.

    It is wonderful when we are reminded of our childhood and happy childhood memories and can return to that time in our joyful way. On that note, well "let's keep dancing"

    My best
    Helen xx

  2. So beautifully put, Helen. Let's keep dancing indeed!

  3. You definitely have me dreaming here your images are so beautiful that I want to transform myself to Aix en Provence!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Oh, my. My heart is now open, open open! I would so love to create some new memories in that beautiful ocher and white and green setting to dance to in my old(er) age!

    I think I'll go paint my front door Red, too.

  5. Debra, you know that you are always welcome here! Bisous to you and D dog too.

    And Linda, isn't that front door, the whole facade actually, just perfect? Who wouldn't be excited to cross such a front door? It is never too late to create new memories, as I imagine you well know. Provence awaits!

  6. Beautiful pictures of Aux Heather, my favourite is the ochre façade with the painted letters. Thank you for your regular visits and your very kind words

  7. It is so important for us to keep our inner child and to be confident enough to to express it occasionally.
    Although I've stayed in the Vaucluse a few times, I've never been to Aix-en-Provence of Arles, but you have me tempted by your beautiful images. Perhaps next year?
    Warm wishes from the sheepesque one.

  8. Thanks for stopping by Sharon. Your blog is always an inspiration for me. So beautiful in such an effortless way.

    Elizabeth, the Vaucluse is hardly shabby. ;) But we await your visit here impatiently! And yes, I hear you. I very carefully straightened my hair to look a little more pulled together for our trip up North. Well, you know how humid Paris is! Within fifteen minutes of stepping off the TGV--boooingg!

  9. Wonderful pictures you took of facades in Aix, as almost every house in every village in this area is a picture. I do spend a lot of time in the Provence and the Roussillon Languedoc region on my buying trips. My fantasy goes wild when I see the beautiful maison de Maitre houses in the wonderful surroundings of vineyards and villages. How would I decorate this home, having friends over for the weekend etc.
    Thanks for taking me there again

  10. Johan, it is wonderful to have you here! I know that I have written elsewhere that you and your partner are responsible for taking all of our best pieces to the States--which explains why I can't find a decent chandelier. :) Do you go to the déballage in Montpellier? I just wrote about our recent visit. Who knows, our paths might have crossed...?

    And yes, Remi (my companion) and I do exactly the same thing--actually, Remi "chose" the hôtel particulier behind the gate in the first photo to live in, I chose the maison de maître in the sixth. He has grander tastes than I do. :) Imagining it is almost--almost!--as good as the real thing.

    Bon Dimanche!

  11. I think I have a couple of the same photos from AIX!That house with the red door for certain!I must go dig out my photos!The dolphin fountain for sure!What a beautiful spot.
    What a small world......I have bought from Johan and company in the past.Of course, none of their goods go to the shop but right into my little abode!They do have a good eye....and such nice people!I once had an appointment with them at the side of the freeway to collect more CROWNS!

  12. What a beautiful post, Heather.
    I wonder if all design obsessed people do the same thing...imagine how they would decorate the beautiful houses that they pass by?
    We will have so much to do when I come in the summer.

    xo xo

  13. La Contessa, have you forgotten that it was I who gave you restaurant advice for your last trip to the Santa Cruz area? :) And yes, of course you would appreciate the same sights! The house with the red door is opposite the Musee Granet. It seems to be pretty much perfect.

    Thank you, Brooke. And yes, too much actually but that would really be missing the point. In Provence, the most important thing is to not rush, not to try and do too much. Just appreciate where you are and then have a glass of rosé (or vice versa). Hopefully, this will be a first but not a last. Bisous.

  14. Disneyland - what a great place to get in touch with your inner child! Dad certainly was in touch with his; that's one trait we are happy to have passed down! And thanks for reminding me when I am down, down, down to open open open... : )

  15. Sister, brought tears to my eyes what you wrote. I love you!

  16. I know exactly that feeling - it's like a sweet spot when it overtakes you - the childlike wonder and appreciation for the moment!! And I ADORE Aix - we were there 3 years ago when my son was spending a semester in the beautiful city. I could have stayed much longer - as could have he!!

  17. Real life Disneyland.. Ain't France the best.. Carla

  18. What an absolutely beautiful writer you are.

  19. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I consider Arles to me my favorite town in France. Beautiful photos.

  20. HA! Heather, just figured out why I couldn't "Follow" your Blog...I was on Mozilla Firefox. Simply wouldn't work. I think you've tried twice for me but you're still not showing up, so try Google Chrome. Worked for me (finally) hope it works for you!

  21. You've just brought back memories of the Christmas I received Sleeping Beauty the movie and I watched it over & over & over again!

    ~ Clare x

  22. We sure do. Must always remember to dream. Absolutely wonderful images...keep posting them Heather for they always take my breath away with their simply detailed beauty. Virginia xx

  23. Oh my, I have been offline for a few days and am very grateful to return to such wonderful comments. Tish...well, that made my day. And Carla, you are so amazingly talented, I love that you said Hi. I can't wait to get the scoop on Liza to see if she found me through my Mom and Sis or not. Linda, I have to figure out what Google Chrome is first. :) Q, oh, you said that so perfectly. Clare, you are a beauty and not sleeping! And Virginia, high praise coming from you, merci.


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