Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is going to be a very short post as I am heading back up to la region parisienne for a couple more days of photo shoots. But look at this little potato. Now, I ask you, are you as superstitious as I am? I couldn't bring myself to cut it! What if it really was a little heart? A symbol for our love? No, best to take the silly route and leave it whole just in case. It got me thinking to my many tiny rituals, little gestures that I have to help keep my universe in order. True, as a former actress, I tend towards the highly superstitious. No crossing under ladders, no crossing black cats, and I always have to say "I love you" before getting off the phone with my dear ones. 

And you?


  1. I'm smiling I'm not superstitious I would cut the potato up. Better it feed someone then sit around rotting never to be used for the reason it was given life in the first place. But I too always tell whomever might be at the other end of the phone I love you before hanging up. Just in case I would want those to be the last words anyone ever hears from me.

  2. I seldom say it but I did yesterday to my son.
    The potatoe is DIVINE.Your hand has very similar lines to my hand!!I had to hold my hand up to compare!!Another item for the list!

  3. Oh, dear! Decisions, decisions...but I think a photo to capture the potato heart is perfect, framed for the little nook in the kitchen that needs some love. Then, roast in VERY hot oven to brown and crisp the skin; place in pretty little dish. Pierce skin with fork and drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkle with sea salt, a few thyme leaves, and...enjoy slowly and thoughtfully with a lovely glass of wine... Knowing that the little potato gift has achieved its destiny!

  4. What the heck-- Just wear that little potato heart around your neck as a pendant for a few days. You just know no other "French" girl would have the same one! ;-) Veronique

  5. I am superstitious and sentimental, however faced with a heart shaped potato, I would think, ah sweet and then chop it up!
    Heartless, me!

  6. Hmmm....

    Miss Heather?....

    Not to act, more than usually, as though I were a strictly-trained, Freudian psychologist, but?...

    If you were to have had brought this photograph in and told me of your experience, I would be folding my hands (fingertips lightly pressed against eachother, in front of my mouth) and telling you "There ARE NO 'COINCIDENCES' in life....."

    Advisedly yours as ever,

    David Terry

    P.S. I finally got The Reverend Dr. Herve (who's back in this country at the same time as I am, of all unexpected coincidences) to park his slatty-ass down at Remi's website for thirty minutes and choose the pictures he wants. I'll be emailing you about those...and thanks for your patient agenting. We love two pictures in particular, but will have to wait until we buy the new house (with more walls) before we think about buying the six or so ones we like just as much.

  7. Well what I want to know is: did you and Remi eat half each?
    Virginia xo

  8. Heehee, just back down from Paris now, arriving to all of these very fun and interesting comments. I'll be brief: we did, indeed eat the potato. I just couldn't cut it, but I prepared it with the others, pretty much as Linda described save that I mixed it in with the others--I don't even know who ate it! It was part of a shared dish and that is all that matters.

    Dr. Terry, Dr. Herve, good news! Christmas is approaching fast! Glad to hear that decisions are maybe being made!

  9. Hahaha! How cute! "what if it really was a little heart?"
    I actually try really hard not to be superstitious, but completely understand how as an actress it comes with the territory. I was born on Friday the 13th & so was my Dad, so I figure I have no right to be superstitious haha!

    ~ Clare x


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