Thursday, January 26, 2012

National Geographic France

Stop the presses! I am taking time out from the series in the Luberon because I have some very exciting news. This month's National Geographic France is on the newsstands and features the work of my honey, Remi Benali

Those of you that have been reading for a while know that Remi has been assigned to cover the excavation and renovation of an intact Roman boat right here in Arles. As I have mentioned previously, the story will be divided into three sections in France and the world-wide editions will present the complete version in 2014. 

This is an enormous step forward for Remi as it has been the dream of his career to work with the National Geographic. It was very exciting for us to see his name credited along with Patrick Landmann as well as Teddy Seguin and Lionel Roux for the underwater photography. Eight out of the twelve photographs presented are Remi's and from here on out, he will be covering the story on his own.

This will give you a little preview of the dynamic energy in the photographs. For the rest, well, those of you in France can always stop by your local press to pick up a copy. On the magazine's website, there is a teaser video about this fascinating subject: National Geographic France website. Alas, it is French but interesting enough for those that don't speak the language to understand. 

Bravo, my love! I am so proud of you. 


  1. Bravo, Remi!!! How exciting!! The photographs look wonderful and I am SO excited that you have this amazing job that is worthy of your talents! Hip hip hooray! : )

  2. Congratulations to Remi, what a fantastic achievement, I will be buying a copy, when I hit the supermarket later!

  3. Congratulations, bravo bravo ! Being associated with this amazing project and seeing your work rewarded in the process must be so exciting !

  4. Congrats to Remi!! very exciting accomplishment!

    Art by Karena

  5. FANTASTIC!So he goes underwater too with his camera!!!!!!!??LOVE IT!BRAVO!!!!!!YOU two better be sipping something very special tonight!

  6. Thanks so much for your support, ladies! We are so excited with this first publication but the story is far from finished.

    La Contessa, nope Remi doesn't dive, those were specialists for underwater photography who took those photos. The Rhone is actually very demanding in terms of diving conditions--most of the time you can see less than a yard in front of you!!

  7. Hello Heather and Remi:

    Well done indeed!! National Geographic is such a prestigious publication that it is indeed a great achievement for Remi to have had his work accepted for inclusion. The photographs are remarkable, they convey such drama and excitement as well as being technically brilliant. Let the champagne flow....!!

  8. Remi Benali ROCKS!
    You're not so bad either!

  9. Congratulations to Remie! What a grand accomplishment. You both should be proud and happy today. Great assignment and wonderful images. Wish you many more NG projects to come.

  10. I am transfixed at the vision of the antiquities and at the notion of the publication in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (!!) of Remi's work! Loved the article about the museum's mosaics and Caesar...The first time I saw the Roman mosaics in the Cotswolds (Britain) I felt emotional and humbled at the experience of actually walking among and on Roman ruins. I can only imagine how moving your experiences have been for each of you. Thank you so very much for sharing your world.

  11. Again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone on my behalf. Remi has been so touched by your kind words. It really has been an amazing experience so far and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

  12. Congratulations to Remi for such an exciting accomplishment in National Geographic. You must be so excited for him Heather. I love archeological digs and the entire amphora coming out of this site is amazing. I can’t wait to see more!


  13. Congratulations Remi!

    Thank you for posting about the project

    And, from another post about the oil mess in Equador. I thank you both for raising awareness.

  14. Oh wow! Congratulations Remi! This is most exciting indeed.
    How wonderful to fulfil your dreams!!

    Clare x

  15. I would really like to obtain a copy of this issue. I was in arles last month and found it fascinating. If you know how to do this please email me at


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