Friday, February 10, 2012

Win Win

Ah, the decorating domino effect. We really have been careful about what we bring into this new apartment as we already have too much of muchness, especially as far as art is concerned. But when I found this Gobelins tapestry for, I'll admit it, 15 Euros (since several of you have asked), I couldn't resist. As it is gigantic, there was only one place for it that really worked, above the fireplace in the bedroom. We still haven't had the moment to gallery hang it but are thrilled with the peace that it brings. Similarly, I am loving the soft light emanating from the mercury mirror that has now by default been shifted to the living room. Win, win.

Speaking of winning, I was recently given two awards for Lost in Arles. Hooray! The incredible Karin, a veritable one-woman walking Wiki of good taste, was kind enough to give me the Blog on Fire Award in January. Do you know her blog, La Pouyette? To give you an idea, she recently constructed an imaginary dinner party for 12. Her invitées included Frederick the Great, Karl Lagerfeld and Oscar Wilde. Impeccable. Merci, Karin!

As part of accepting this award, I need to tell you five things about myself that you may not know:

1) When I am as homesick for the States as I am right now, I admit that given the opportunity to have either an authentic Sunday Brunch or a menu degustation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, I would, without hesitation, chose the brunch. Tragically, I would probably also pick peanut butter over foie gras. 
2) I have a built-in radar that can hear a champagne cork popping within a five-mile radius. 
3) I once sang "Summertime" for a tribe on Tanna Island in Vanuatu in the Pacific to thank them for performing a dance for me.
4) Secret talent: Killer yoga toes.
5) To my shame? I have the worst memory for faces of anyone I know. Not such a big deal while living in Manhattan when the chances of running into someone you know are slim but in a small town like Arles? Very, very embarrassing. 

Natalie Rapoport lives in Toronto but is a world-traveller who loves to share those special moments, les petites bijoux, that we come across as we go. Hence her charming blog, Jewel yet to find. I love her patient eye and her attention to detail so was very excited when she decided to send me the Liebster Blog Award. Wow! Thank you so much, Natalie.

Something wonderful that both of these awards have in common is that they are in recognition of blogs with under 200 followers. So I am happy to pass on the baton to five of my favorite small blogs and am awarding them BOTH the Blog on Fire Award and the Liebster Blog Award. 

*For the winners, please see the "rules" at the bottom of this already crazy long post. 

1) I dream of. With such a title, I knew that I would be hooked but Jeanne's blog has instantly become one of my favorites. Why? She has so much heart, as corny as that sounds, not to mention oodles of talent. I am predicting here that she will become a darling of the design blog world.

2) Looking Glass. Clare is a classic beauty, a model and an actress but that is where the classicism stops. She always has surprises up her sleeve, including a very frank series where she interviewed burlesque performers. Have to love that Aussie mix. 

3) Shifting Gears. Judith Ross is an accomplished writer whose intelligence and authenticity never cease to inspire me. This blog is dedicated towards "navigating middle age and beyond" and she does so with a light hand. 

4) oh-fancy that. Four really funny and fabulous ladies that have an amazing take on DIY, fashion, food (a favorite post is the recipe for pecan, bourbon and butterscotch bread pudding). Just read their "About Us" and try and not be addicted. For sure they will be wondering "An award from who?" but I love your blog!

5) Concrete Jungle. Heather doesn't post all the time but I never know from what part of the world she will when she does. Girl gets around. An interior designer based mainly out of Thailand, she puts her trained eye to good use, no detail is too small. To boot, she has formed a great charity to help out at home.

There are few other blogs that were awarded at the same time I was otherwise, they would be on this list and are well worth the gander:
and Helen Tilston Painter, who, I am assuming has already been given both of these awards...

Additionally, I would like to give Ben, my Golden Retriever, the Siberian Survivor Award for handling the European cold snap with panache. True, he slightly resembles Ben in a Burqa but a dog has to do what a dog has to do to stay warm. 

The Rules for the Winners
 To keep these awards going (and I realize the slightly chain-mailedness of that phrase), please recognize blogs with under 200 followers and...
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog
2. Choose five blogs to nominate and let them know by leaving a comment
3. Request that the chosen blogs pass the Award on to their favorite five
Copy and paste the award on your blog post
5. List five things about yourself......

Number 5 is just for the Blog on Fire Award, so if you don't want to divulge (it really isn't that painful), there is always the Liebster Award... 

Thanks to all of you that have stayed with me this bon weekend! 


  1. Bravo, et félicitations Heather! Yes, you are on fire (and no, it's not just that new camera of yours ;-) Thank you for mentioning French Girl in Seattle in your post. I did indeed receive the Liebster blog award but have not been as diligent as you have in "passing it forward." I did thank Natalie, though, so that takes care of #1 on the list. Phew. Will tacke #2,3 and 4 asap. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: Please give a big hug to that furry popsicle of yours. I love the Burqa look on him!

  2. Oh my, what an honor! Thank you Heather! And this has the added bonus of giving me something to write about for what so far has become a weekly post.

    Tell Ben that his counterpart in Massachusetts likes to stay warm not just by getting into bed with the human 'rents in the morning, but by actually burrowing under the down comforter with them. Because her fur is oh-so-soft it makes leaving the bed in the morning painful for all three of us..... and weirdly enough, she is usually the last one to emerge.

  3. Congratulations Heather, your writing transmits a warmth and charm that we all enjoy. So sad to her that you are feeling homesick ... life's too short :)
    have a good weekend

    1. Just missing my Mom and Sis but will take the plane next week! Hooray!

  4. You are the SWEETEST!!! Thank you for awarding "Oh - Fancy That". It means so much to us. You've made all of our days. :)
    Oh - Fancy That.

  5. Heather, thank you so much for the award!! We are honored -- be on the look out for our thank you in OUR award post!! xx.

    Oh - Fancy That.

  6. Aww, Heather! You're the sweetest. Thank you, thank you , thank you. I will definitely post a thank you on my blog, 5 things about myself & pass the awards along. I'm now off to check out the other fab blogs you've awarded :-)

    ~ Clare x

    PS: Ben is too cute in that burqa!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!WOW........two awards in one day?!!
    I just ate a peanut butter snack!I'm with you on that one too!Tapestry looks GRAND........good job with placement!Keep BEN warm on all accounts............he is special.

  8. Wow!!! Thank you Heather so VERY MUCH!!! You're too generous to a blogger debutant like me. I'm honored to be in such a fine company . I'm singing with delight.
    Thank you for sweet words and stop by for the next post, I'll make it special for you.
    Going to check your nominees.

    PS: tapestry looks fantastic, it's glowing.

  9. Congratulations, Sister! I think you are SISTER on fire!!! Beautiful writing, amazing photographs, spreading love - it all makes me very proud of you! Now get those yoga toes over here and let's get us some Sunday brunch!!! : )

  10. Your post has given hope to people like me who have but 'double digit' followers. . .love the awards. Congrats!

    1. We all have to start somewhere! I still am so excited for every single new follower.

  11. Your awards are so well deserved Heather! The depth of content in your posts is always appreciated. Interesting subject matter, written with sincerity and warmth.
    Speaking of warmth....Ben looks like he is coping very well with the cold weather. The burqa is a nice touch!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Oh Heather, I am blushing! Thanks so much, you are so sweet and I so enjoy our blog exchanges. Glad to see that you are getting some well-deserved recognition for your delightful musings. Congratulations! And Ben! Such well deserved praise for muddling through the cold with panache. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and thanks again for the kindness and support! XOXO Jeanne

  13. Heather, thanks a million is fun to be part of the under two hundred club and recognized for it! Off to check out the company....and try and get another post up.
    hugs Heather

  14. Ben doesn't look that different from me! In this cold windy weather, who's to know whats lurking behind all those layers!
    Very jealous of the tapestry, perfect for an Arlesian apartement, tres chic! I'll let you explain the blog link, I need to get ready to meet you for lunch! Quelle bonne chance! A tout a l'heure

  15. Hooray! Thanks everyone for enjoying the fun of this. I too am off to get ready for a lunch date so this will have to be shorter than I would like but I hope that everyone is having an excellent weekend!

  16. Oh, we're big fanboys of Judith Ross in this household. Quite aside from all the readily-indentifiable reasons for admiring Judith and her writing, we (and even my parents have remarked on this) are remarkably awed by her having twice interviewed endlessly-dithering me (for "Talking/Writing" magazine) and somehow managing to construct a coherent article from all my meanderings.

    It couldn't have been an easy job.

    I should add that Judith's was the first interview I've read in fifteen or so years without wincing or cringing even once.


    David Terry

    1. Ah David, thank you! When will you start your own blog?

    2. Oh, Judith.....actually, I'm supposed to start a blog soon. The whole initial business/learning curve seems just too snakey for me, so I've simply hired Very Smart&Capable Kate of 3-Square Design (she "does" Dominique's blog) to get the thing up & going for me. Then, I suppose I'll just yatter away at the thing. If nothing else, though, it'll help friends and family (they're extensive) to keep up with where I am and what I'm doing. As things stand, I travel too much and am too busy (when I'm back in the USA) to maintain minimally-decent correspondence these days.

      Amusingly enough?..about eight or so years ago, I was on the back porch of a longtime, very dear friend (with whom I've always corresponded regularly when I've lived elsewhere), at her old house in Charlottesville. Her very-smart daughter (who's known me since I was 24 and has read many of my letters to her famly since then) suggested to me (during the late hours of a markedly boozy, 100-degree Saturday afternoon on that back porch)"You know, I think you should just BLOG...?".

      I (who had never heard the term "blogging") was, in fact and at that very moment, wondering if maybe I HAD had too many bourbon&waters. I thought she was suggesting that I throw up.

      I told her what I'd thought she meant, and she told me what blogging was....adding "actually, they're sort of the same thing, you know...."

      that said, we'll see about a blog. I already know what I'll call it; I just don't know what I'll put into it.

      Level Best as Ever,

      David Terry

    3. This is wonderful news David! There will be quite a few of us that will be looking forward to your musings.

  17. Congratulations on all of your awards Heather you truly deserve them. Always fun getting to know more about our blog friends. Love your tapestry and what a great buy! Ben is a cutie and Dylan has a mouse too only his is yellow, loves it! Enjoy your weekend!


  18. Hello Heather

    Congratulations on your Awards and "well deserved"
    Karin's blog La Pouyette is one of my favourites.
    Thank you kindly for mentioning my blog in your post.

    I love your tapestry - it exudes warmth. Your mirror is also beautiful and full of character.
    Ben's face just made me smile and he looks so contended and why not, he is loved very much.
    To a great weekend.

    Helen xx

  19. congratulations on your awards dahhling, trust you had yourself a glass of champagne & delivered a thank you speech to your patient dog & Remi wearing something divine!
    I love where the tapestry ended as well as the mercury glass chic dahhling!

  20. I don't know the first 4 on your list ~ so shall happily check them out. And am already happily following concrete jungle - delightful adventures.

    How beautiful the tapestry looks. I love it sitting just like that! Virginia x

  21. Oh Heather, You made it! Congratulation!
    Thank you so, so much for your compliment to me! I'm thrilled to be called a 'wiki' :-) ;) !!! It's just my curiosity to find out the why- and where-fors, and believe me, most of the time I get lost in history.

    Love what you told us about yourself, love your blog and your posts and love Ben! Posing with the scarf - it could be Oskar!

    Your piece of tapestry is very charming and 'une vraie trouvaille', well done!

    Sorry for late comment, but we're really frozen-in with down to -16 outside during the nights and mornings, and cannot get up the temperature in the house more than +11 degrees! Brr...! My fingers are getting stiff after a few minutes typing and I'm dressed like an onion. And our pool is also completely frozen, not to talk about the southern plantation in our garden....

    Waiting for milder weather during this week, hopefully, to read all your recent posts more proper, and other blogs as well, so much behind....

    Again - merci beaucoup for your lovely words about me!
    Stay warm, amicalement,
    bis, karin

  22. I love all of these comments from some of my favorite ladies on the blogoshpere. But oh Karin! My heart goes out to you! My goodness, that is cooold. It is is chilly in our apartment too (feels like -12 with the wind) but not THAT cold. Your poor garden too. Hope Oskar is indeed well swaddled.

    Bisous à tout le monde et bon dimanche!


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