Friday, March 30, 2012

Blossoms at Les Baux

I didn't think much about spring before living in Provence. In New York there was just a sort of animal pressure of instincts awoken but not connected after a long winter. In Paris, well, there was rain and gray shining tin rooftops. Puddles seeping in the sides of shoes. 

But here, here one can believe in spring. Reborn, shake off your shoddy skin and risk a lot kind of feelings. Because it is everywhere, all around and it would be unwise not to echo. Only an utter grouch is capable of being impervious to such a slow unfurling of beauty's palm.

On just another evening a few weeks ago, we followed the siren song out into the country to take a second gander at a field that had appeared a soft pink blur in passing. A field that we had passed hundreds of times but apparently never, ever at just the right time. For what grew up and around us soon made us forget that we could have ever seen it otherwise. 

The perfume. Enough to make you fall down into the many random sinkholes dotting the property. Belly-buttons of the earth but best to pay attention. Listen to the advice of the bees buzzing all around in fine feast form.

Let the light whither, I am safe here to dream. Let it go so that I can sleep and wonder what better ways might lie in front of me?

All calm. Treasures in the palm of a fallen blossom, lift your head to the wind. 

Winding away but with petals in my pocket, we watched the sun bow down to kiss the buds goodnight.

Bon weekend! 


  1. So beautiful to see spring in your part of the world. Ben looks like he's enjoying it, too. Bon weekend to you!

  2. And I think your pup is most grateful to have Arles to romp in this spring. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Dreamy Spring wonderful post
    Ben's pictures capture full Spring contentment

    You might change your mind about New York if you look at the blog, Hither and Thither's photos of the trees in bloom.
    I've never seen Central Park look so beautiful.

  4. Lovely! I hear you, spring is really love in Switzerland, too. As much as I miss New York, I do love the scenery here.

  5. So much to drink in of this visual feast you have shared. Love those almond trees; I had no idea the almond was inside the blossom this way. The blue shutters, Ben, ah! You share the countryside in a manner we might not otherwise ever see. Thank you!

  6. Thank you everyone! Another gorgeous weekend here--wishing you all the same!

  7. What beautiful photos and prose; thank you for this meditation on spring!

  8. Simply wonderful, Heather!
    I love that you can feel mother nature, seeing and being content with the smallest details, holding a beautiful blossom in your hand and feeling happy.....sharing the moments with lovely Ben.... What do we need more.
    Lovely post!

    I would so much like to meet you one day here in the Périgord....maybe...


    1. Yes, I think that we have so much in common Karin. I would love to see your adopted region through your eyes. Hopefully one day!

  9. So lovely!! Heather, it would be so nice if your beautiful photos were larger for us to enjoy even more!!

    1. Thanks Stacey. If you click on the photos then poof! They are huge. :)

    2. Oh thank you!! Sadly, that never occurred to me :-)

    3. Far sadder, it never occurred to me to just make them bigger! AND I think that I didn't know that you could click on the photos until a kind reader told me so. Sigh. Me no speak techie!


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