Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Faded not blown

I am always content to find a bit of beauty in unexpected places.

Just as I was ready to throw out last week's tulips, I took a moment to see them once more, as they were and found their forms--lolling tongue's and grounded wings--more fascinating than the perfect bloom.

And so I am sharing them with you. A last gesture of appreciation!


  1. As they say, dear Heather, it is not over until the fat lady sings.....Bravo and Encore to the Tulips!!!

  2. I just love the way a bunch of tulips 'lives' in my vase. They bow and rise gracefully, react to extra water in the vase and as you say are beautiful to the end

  3. Ah yes, the beauty of faded glory. And in that beauty lies such sadness, of life ebbing away. Is that why it is so hard to throw them out at this stage? I always feel guilty. But yes, such beauty in the sculptural forms and the colours which have twisted themselves into such glorious stripes.

  4. I always feel a little sad when it comes time to part with flowers after they gave me such pleasure. But you know what they say...all good things must come to an end!


  5. That does it. Now I KNOW we were separated at birth. I have a bunch of photos of tulips in that same stage on MY camera. I love tulips and now I know that you do too!

  6. Sweet sadness. As right after Christmas perfectly beautiful trees are thrown away at the curbs still with gold and silver threads and pieces of decorations.
    Flowers succumb to fading with such a beauty and stoicism to the very last moment.

    PS. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. You have turned these into a work of art Heather - the grain and colour in these petals is amazing! I am just working on an exhibition of found objects on a road well traveled and you really captured the essence of this!!

    Keep your camera moving - certainly a great eye!! Cheers!!

  8. I love the fact that you found the art and beauty there! Thanks for the great inspiration. Have a great evening - Jalon

  9. The color is beautiful as are the petals.......swaying to and fro.I too would find them hard to toss.......just wait until all the petals are on the table or below.

  10. In form and multiplicity of color, nature's plethora is intoxicating to my eye. Tulips are so unique. I am so amused when they continue to grow after placement in water and a simple penny keeps them from drooping...that on it's own is amazing. Love them!
    xoxo, Chris

  11. Good morning! How amazing to log on to so many great comments. I am especially thrilled by being encouraged by Wyn--thank you! But one thing I found interesting is that I didn't find the tulips sad at all--not even bittersweet--just lovely. And Chris, thank you for the tip--I knew there was a trick that I had forgotten to keep them longer--next time, I will try this to be sure...

  12. It's like seeing a good friend leave...yet the memory of their beauty lingers on.

  13. These are wonderful images - vibrant colours with twisted petals against a backdrop of green. ........such a versatile flower, beautifully captured.

  14. I love tulips when they have are at this stage too... lovely shots... xv

  15. My Dear, you have a photographer's eye. Seeing the beauty in the fading blossoms. LOVELY photographs all!

  16. Yes absolutely. I did the same with mine. Too good to miss!!!!

    1. I think that I might go out to the market and get more tulips JUST for the end...

      :) Bon weekend!


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