Friday, April 27, 2012

Chapel in the olive grove

Do you know how there are moments when it all comes together? As if you had somehow slid into the best kind of dream?

Remi, Ben and I had such a moment and we pulled it like taffy to make it last. 

We couldn't immediately find the Chapelle Saint Romain on the outskirts of Villecroze. We had to ask several locals in the village for directions beyond head scratching and wide-mouthed gapes.

In back-tracking, we realized that we had simply sprinted past, as always too much in a hurry to already be at the point of arrival.

I don't know what it was exactly. The chapel in itself, while lovely in its weather-worn simplicity was nothing truly exceptional. 

It most likely was the olive grove, filled with trees far more ancient than those that we can find here in the Alpilles. So solid the trunks, twisted and split but rising up to bloom into a fan dance of gray leaves rustling in the breeze. I felt so safe amidst such living things that had stood the test of time.

Best then to lay back in the soft spring grass and search for animals in the clouds overhead. 

To let the thistles whistle against our cheeks and tickle our noses. 

We lingered, knowing that even if we returned a hundred times, never again would the sun be so warm nor the sky so helplessly blue. We all know that there is no such thing as perfection and searching for it is a fool's game. How lucky then, to be able to feel something so close, something just this side of wonderful.

Bon weekend!


  1. Love, love, love your post....and all images!!!

    ....and love all the previous posts! You always capture the atmosphere so well! Simply good!

    Thank you so much, Heather, for your "late evening" comment about TV - Périgord, that was very thoughtful and very much appreciated! Just watched the end of that program because found your comment a bit too late... Nevertheless, I enjoyed the last 20 minutes of it! The foie gras....mais oui! No problem here to get very fresh one and as you could see, it's rather easy to prepare...

    You must come some day with Remi.....

    Sorry for late visit and comment but was working for ages on my last linen post, writing is really not one of my talents, mildly spoken...and I feel somewhat drained by now.

    Now we all waiting for sunshine, blue sky and warmer days! But - still too cold for our region and constant rain brr...brrh....!

    All my best wishes for a sunny weekend
    bisou, karin

  2. "pulled it like taffy to make it last" - what a beautiful turn of phrase, Heather. You are such a talented writer. Thanks for taking us to the Chapelle Saint Romain with you! Bon weekend!

  3. Hello Heather:
    No,no, this is not this side of wonderful, it is all beyond beautiful, more than words, above the sublime. This truly is a moment which will be in your hearts and minds for ever. One can sense that here you made a true connection. At one with Nature and a small speck in the great scheme of things....perfect!

    1. As always, my dear Hattats, you express what I felt so perfectly it is as if you were right there with me!

      Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

  4. Hello Heather:
    The post is so beautiful and serene. Ben is such an adorable pal, cutie face, can't help but hug him...

  5. Okay, well, Chapelle St Romain is quite beautiful, and the olive trees, well...what can one say? But what is really gorgeous about this post is Ben, with the dandelion fairies. He's too much! Great photo.

    1. And he really was tickled by the dandelion puffs. I had never done that before and judging by his expression, if he could have giggled he would have! :)

  6. Just beautiful Heather. The images, the philosophy, the thoughts. And so perfectly true. Bon weekend, my dear friend. xx

  7. Ben,what a STAR!Gorgeous post as per the norm with YOU!
    PS.That gold settee is a different one from before!The other did sell!This one is priced at $700.00.GOOD ......weee?

  8. Ah... so great to grab those wonderful days and share with us all. Thanks Heather

  9. Those beautiful fields are just begging for a picnic.

    1. Oh you are so right! I thought of it while I was there, too late! And as it was a Sunday there was no way of pulling one together last minute. If we can join us! How far is Villecroze from Monaco? Hmmm...

  10. Ahhh...I can feel the grass, smell the trees and hear Ben whuffing nearby. And the sky, so HELPLESSLY blue. I know that exact blue, but never knew how to describe it.


  11. You always seem to find the beauty in everything Heather and I love that about you. Ben is such a sweetie and I love you take him everywhere like we do with our Dylan.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Oh not in everything but thank you! I'm no Pollyanna, Debra but anyone would have been overwhelmed by it all--it was just so exceptional! And of course we take our puppers everywhere--they are such excellent company!!!

  12. Heather,
    Gorgeous as usual! Your amazing discriptions always make me feel like I am right there with you or wishing I was. Have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Once again, you have verified that nothing is as special as the natural environment. The stone builders in all those bygone days weren't so bad either in creating beauty! Lovely post.


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