Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bluer than

...And I am not referring to any sort of Joanie Mitchell type of "Blue" but rather a sky that is bluer than blue. So much so that it is best not to scratch for the words but rather sigh out a hip then a hooray in sun-soaked daze. For time is turning; the blinding white has been squeezed out of summer's fist, one that is opening and sprinkling gold suspended way up high. A promise of the light to come.

To follow photos on a single evening while roaming with camera in hand, looking up, up, up...



This is the sky to dream of when you hope for Provence. 


  1. Just simply "blue-tiful", dear Heather!!!
    Exceptional images!
    Nothing else to say.....

    Greetings to Arles from the Périgord,
    enjoy your summer!

    1. Karin, it is so lovely to hear from you! I hope that you have had a wonderful summer too...and that Oskar is doing well...
      Gros bisous!

  2. Hello Heather:
    These images are positively wonderful, the intensity of that blue is so splendid, so redolent of summer at its height. And then there is your final picture which could, so very easily, be a painting by Tiepolo.

    And we are certain that you are enjoying it all to the full and now, as the day draws to a close, we think of you perhaps sipping a glass of wine on the terrace, or walking Ben in the cool of the evening.

    1. Mes amies, do you have a spycam? ;) I raise my rosé towards Budapest!

      Tiepolo! I wish that I could take credit for that but alas, all I did was "click" on the sky's gorgeousness. We have been having some splendid sunsets.

      And while the photos could be better, I was on a single-minded blue hunt!!

  3. Beautiful photographs Heather. The shutters, the very tip top of a building .. and that last image of the clouds! Something magical is happening there!

    Enjoy your day!


  4. And don't the colours of the buildings set the blue off to perfection? Each enhances the beauty of the other. xx

  5. Oh, Heather. That sky is stunning. These pictures are stunning. Breathtaking. No words required.

  6. Agree with Leslie: Magic! I love that you have captured a whole range of blues both natural and manmade. I don't know which makes me happier, the blue shutters or that magnificent sky.

  7. Ah...beautiful Heather...nothing like blue skies. A promise of the day to come... and for you, a Joni Mitchell favourite. There are some days when only Joni will do...

  8. Wonderful post Heather. All your beautiful photos reminded me of a popular Edith Piaf song: "Plus Bleu que tes Yeux..."-- One thing is for sure, a similar series would be harder to manage in Seattle :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: The song lyrics are here

  9. Stunning, beautiful photographs: the sky and Arles are a dynamite combination which you have brought to us so fully. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Admiringly, Leslie in Portland (where the sky is blue, but not Arles-blue, every day these days!)

  10. These photographs are absolutely beautiful! You are so skilled! My favourites are the photos with clouds in them! Somehow their presence makes the blue bluer! :)

  11. So glorious, so Yves Klein... I can almost feel the heat on my face, and hear the song of the cigales. Gorgeous!

  12. You've just proved wrong the song we sing in this area, "The bluest skies you'll ever see are in Seattle. . ." Simply fantastic photos Heather. Why don't you go to and enter a link to these on Nancie's Travel Photo Thursday? You are such an incredible 'capturer' of images that they would be a great addition! Bientot. . .

  13. Love sky photos; love these!

  14. Oh those candy floss pink clouds!

  15. Beautiful photos, Heather. I've always thought the sky in Arles was just that bit bluer than anywhere else.
    a xo


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