Friday, August 10, 2012

Music for Mango House

 ®Jeanne Henriques - Collage of Life

Hello everyone! For today, something a little different and a post that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Provence. But music is the stuff of life, a subject very dear to my heart. When my friend Jeanne, whose incredibly inspiring blogs Collage of Life and Expat Diary: Vietnam--both of which are documenting her very recent move to Saigon--expressed interest in finding new music for her time there, I knew it was time to get out the DJ headphones! 

Remi and I had an exceptional experience in Vietnam. Saigon was the starting point for a cruise up the Mekong River to Cambodia. The feeling that stayed with me is that Vietnam is a land of incredible lushness with a vibrancy and kindness that cuts through the shadows of the past. Her new home has been painted a bright shade of mango (a surprise from her husband) and I tried to pick tunes that would waft well through the wide open verandas, both current and from long ago. Jeanne being the incredibly generous person that she is immediately suggested that I share the list with you. 

I hope that you enjoy! 

The song that I am currently obsessed with:
"Tease Me" by Lianne La Havas. I don't love all of the rest of the album but there are some other bijous as well such as "No Room for Doubt".

As well as:
Feist in a gorgeous video. Haunting is right!

For discovering new music:
Stereomood. I love that you can pick a mood! Isn't that what listening to music is all about? I have found so many artists that I love including...

Colman Brothers. I love this album, especially "Some Other Wonder".

As well as the last song that I was obsessed with (and still listen to when I am having trouble writing):
"1901" cover by Birdy.

Also found on Stereomood:
The Berlinist. I like all of the album but especially "Ollie Falls Asleep". Soundcloud is another site that is wonderful for discovering.

Vincent Segal and Ballaké Sissoko. Chamber Music. If you don't have this already, you will love it, I believe. Cello and kora played by two amazing artists.

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabete. "Ali and Toumani". This album has been out for a few years but is still a go to when I am in a bad mood.

This is a group that Remi and I have listened to a lot over the years. "Jazz" is a favorite tune but they have a new album out as well that I haven't listened to yet.

This Japanese DJ/musician is another favorite. Amazing. Actually, here: "Blue sky and yellow sunflower" a mashup with Claire de Lune...

Jean Sablon. Remi has been listening to some lesser known French singers from the 30s-50s and I am crazy for Jean Sablon.

"Stay the Same" by Bonobo featuring Andreya Triana. Actually the entire 'Black Sands' album could be wonderful.

"Do it again" by Shirley Horn because we all could use a dose of her fine voice now and again. One of my all time favorite chanteuse de jazz...

And finally:
Don't be held back by this being a French radio station as it has the most eclectic playlist on the planet! Within an hour, you can hear everything from Jeanne Moreau to the Black Keys to Wagner.

®Jeanne Henriques - Collage of Life

So there you have it! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead. Tomorrow is my birthday, 43 here I come...Hooray!


  1. What a fun post! I can't wait to check these out and I absolutely love the mango color for the house! So glad you shared all of these wonderful sites with us! Happy Early Birthday as well!!

  2. Oh Happy, Happy Birthday Heather! I hope it's a day of lazy walks, sipping rose, and time spent with the two loves of your life! And that's just the first day of the new year ahead. . .then I hope it only gets better. (And thanks for the wonderful recommendations in today's post).

  3. Hello Heather:
    We send you our very best love and warmest wishes on the occasion of your birthday tomorrow, as we do for every day. Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns.

  4. The lady in the mango house wishes you the happiest of birthdays Heather!! I love your post and am sure that readers around the world will be tapping a foot along to the music thinking of you on your 43rd birthday...may your day be filled with sunshine and love absolutley derserve it! Thank you for mentioning me today....big smiles from Saigon...

    Jeanne xxx

    PS...we need to discuss your trip one day...once my Samoa story comes together....we will talk your Saigon and travels through Vietnam. We are off to the Mekong at the end of August. Any travel tips? :)

  5. So many links to explore for my next "sleepless" night... what fun!(Et sans doute, cette nuit encore une fois avec mon fils qui prend la voiture pour voir ses copains !)

    I've actually been watching films recently that are set in the days of Vietnam under the French... fascinating, and such a mysterious and beautiful country.

    And have a fabulous birthday tomorrow! You're a spring poule - or, if you like, perhaps a "poulet à ressort" ?

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, Heather! I hope that you, Remi and Ben celebrate your anniversaire in all your favorite ways! Here in Portland, we will be toasting you and sending you wishes for many more wonderful years. Bonne Anniversaire, Leslie, with Scott, Henry and Bob

  7. Hello Heather

    Thank you for this great long list of songs. I have the coffee brewing and will sit and listen to your selection of music which I am sure is excellent (I love your previous recommendation of Melody Gardot - The Absence, the album I have re-played and friends have also purchased it)
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, with lots of cake. May your year be the best ever.
    Love and hugs

    Helen xx

  8. OMG Have a I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY?????????I'm behind in my BLOG readings!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I remember when you turned 42!Seems like two months ago!First off tell JEANNE,I cannot leave a comment!!!!!!!!!Dont ask me why it doesnot accept my info!I remember that happened with you!Anyhow, please tell her I LOVE THE MANGO and the fact the HUSBAND DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Iam an avid follower but SILENT as I cannot send messages!VERY FRUSTRATING!Now I need to figure out if today is your day or not!!!!!!!!HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Hope BEN had a treat in store for YOU!

  9. Have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing your blog, pictures, stories and songs with us. Best wishes from Florida for a very blessed 43. Birthday and many more to come.

  10. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday Heather. Enjoy your special day and embrace 43, it's a good age to be. Young enough to have a lot of living ahead and old enough to have some wisdom and experience. "Hooray" indeed!

  11. Oh dear Heather. Happy Birthday to you! It's amazingly getting better and better, don't you think? It'll be a very special day. I wish you all the very best.
    Thank you very much for the music list. I'll have a couple of new favorites, perfect for my jet-lagged sleepless nights.

  12. Happy Birthday Heather. Wishing that all the beauty you put out into the world comes back to you in droves. And, please, for my sake, don't forget to EAT SOME CAKE on your special day!


  13. Best wishes Heather! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I can't wait to go through the music list. The first artist is an interesting vibe... and what a voice!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  14. Wishing you a very Happy and joyous Birthday Heather! Don't worry another year doesn't hurt and be thankful you get to age! Enjoy your day!


    P.S. Dylan hates the heat and he's looking forward to winter. He has a light summer haircut but it isn't enough so he's down taking a swim with Dad. I hope Ben is surviving!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday, beautiful sister!!! It was wonderful talking to you just now; I'm so glad to hear you've had such a great day! Of course you are feeling all of this love for you, from all over the planet, and then, later, eating chocolate lava cakes to seal the deal! Voila!!! I love you so much and hope this is a wonderful year for you! Happy Birthday! : )

  16. Hello everyone! I had an absolutely wonderful birthday and it was just so lovely to come home to all of these messages and emails from friends all over the world--thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  17. Heather Thank you so much for featuring Jeanne's new home and the links to new adventure in music. I cannot wait to try some of these!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series featuring Harrison Howard

  18. Oh and of course a belated Happy Birthday my friend!



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