Sunday, November 25, 2012

Palate cleanser

Oh my goodness. Most of us have had quite a bit to digest this week, haven't we? Certainly in the States with our copious Thanksgiving feast (and yes, mine was absolutely the meal I have been dreaming of for five years, thank you, it really was) but also this rocket launch into the holiday season which effects so many of us, one that is nothing short of a doozy. Whew. So it might be fine timing to offer up a mini-post to help digest it all, a palate cleanser.

Nature does it best. I went to see "Life of Pi" (in 3-D no less) last night and I could tell from bits of stifled laughter that the very real animals featured in the opening credits were as unknown as the phenomenally created digitally-animated tiger featured in the rest of the movie. That made me pause a bit, most especially as there is so much exotic beauty all around us, even in small spaces.

I took these photos in the Colorado Provençal  and was somehow thinking of some of the design friends that read this blog while I did so (and the bark photos are precisely for the incredibly talented Francine Gardner of Intérieurs, I don't know why). Lines, contrast, shape, color, form, texture and maybe even a hint of emotion (I know I am pushing it with that last one but if you were there you would have felt it too)--all that plants a seed to become something else, whether literal or figuratively. 

We keep growing--ain't that grand? 

Wishing you some rest this weekend wherever you are. 


  1. We have been close, it has been suggested by my cousins since we were close, but have never actually gone to see the Colorado Provençal. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like we need to bump the Colorado Provençal up our priority list.

  2. Hello Heather
    Nice to have you on the same continent for a while.
    The images taken at Colorado Provencal are like none I have seen before. When I have scrolled up and down I can see faces and wonderful abstract shapes.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family.

    Hugs from Florida

    Helen xx

  3. H., I never cease to be amazed by your eye. Palate cleanser? I don't know about that. Feast for the sylph soul? More like it, I should think.

  4. Cool photos! Those seeds in the photo at the end of your post look interesting. Maybe you should stuff some of those in your suitcase for the trip back and see what pops up! We miss you over here. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. Heather, you couldn't have provided a better digestif for those bounteous Thanksgiving meals than the beautiful photos of the Colorado Provencal. Amazing the similarities between that area of France and those I've been to in the State of Colorado. There's nothing which truly says you're home than eating the food you've been missing and dream of for so long. Hope Remi and Ben aren't missing you too much. Enjoy your time with your family.

    Amelia xo

  7. Heather your pictures are amazing! I'm going to have to take my camera along on our next hike with Dylan tomorrow and see what I see. Any idea what that last flower/seed pod is, it's stunning. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday with your family.


  8. Glad to know that you had a fun time during Thanksgiving. Colorado is just gorgeous. Amazing photos.

  9. Some of these photos are so other-worldly that "palate cleanser" is the perfect description. I've never seen such bark, and those seeds! And, I am also wondering about what looks like a mountain of ochre peaks in photo #4. Trick photography!

  10. I love these pics - they actually remind me of "The Life of Pi" - especially the last 2! And no doubt that this launch into the holiday season, and the effects they have, is nothing less than a doozy, but my question to you: is it a LEMON doozy??? And, yes, thank god we keep growing!!

  11. Bark has so much character doesn't it? Your photos are captivating. The scenery is so different from Arles but beautiful in its own way.

  12. Bark has so much character doesn't it? Your photos are captivating. The scenery is so different from Arles but beautiful in its own way.

  13. Amazing comparisons, Heather. I know Francine will love your take on the bark. To me it's amazing that the moss can grow in what looks like an impossible place, but then that's mother nature at her best, isn't it? My son, the photographer, sees things no one else you have done. And, that's amazing too. So happy you're happy!!

  14. Definitely not a gentle place, but a wild place, with beauty which is just as arresting, possibly more so, than gentle places of beauty. (I analyse that a lot: what this concept of beauty of nature is, but then I am possibly pondering on my own here....ahem.)

    So much beauty in the small details, I love that you see it and do not get swept away by the bigger things only. Wonderful that you are having a truly good time. xx

  15. Hi Heather. I love those photos - I love to take bark, lichen photos as well. Now I'll be sure to do a blogpost on them. Cleansing the palate theme - I would never have thought of that one!! Only you!

    Yes, If you can identify that last one, I would love to know what it is. Looks like a Christmas decoration!

    I linked your blog as one of my beautiful finds this week - is!


    1. Thank you so very much Linda!! I really appreciate it!!

  16. Can't think of a better digestivo than this post. Beautiful photos, Heather!

  17. Simply gorgeous, Heather. I love all the texture and richness. It's hard not to be thankful when you take the time to notice the beauty that's all around. I'm so happy that you were able feast on all the glories of the holiday - food, friends, family. XO

  18. Delicious indeed!
    The world is such an amazing place and there are people like you that capture its essence beautifully.

  19. That is some kickass bark...especially like that first one. Well seen and photographed.

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