Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to hit the road

Isn't it funny? I have a whole cache of posts prepared to pull you along while I laugh doubled over during my visit in the States but yet this evening, I am so filled with a bubbly excitement that I can't put anything together, save a pile with my passport and ticket. Of course, certain tasty treats de la France have already been carefully packed in my bag along with myriad cadeaux. I have been roving to hold Remi randomly like a planet in rotation, sad that he is not coming with me, nor Ben. For I know that I am heading to the Land of the Loved. If you feel so inclined, send good thoughts to him please so as to keep him company and perhaps to yours truly who will soon be lifted up in flight above our quotidien and sending hope for a bit of peace, a bit of joy to all below...

Fingers crossed for safety, more soon from America...


  1. Thinking of you today...wondering when you would be setting off, you have answered my question. Sending thoughts to Remi and Ben. I know that they will miss you and vice-versa but I also know you will have a wonderful time.

    1. Dash, I am wondering how your blog situation is as I haven't seen any posts from you on my reader since you noted your Google Blog tweaking had led to disaster. Wish you well, if you are still working on it.

  2. Oh joyous time to come Heather! You will have the best time with your loved ones, catching up, taking in all the sights and smells that you have missed and you know it will go so fast, really, you will be back on the plane and wonder where the time went before you know it. Remi and Ben will miss you sorely, I will send out a thought to them every day!
    Relax, enjoy, all will go well.
    Christmas wishes,
    vicki xx

  3. Like Dash, I have also been wondering when the departure date loomed. How truly wonderful a gift this is. Sending lots of warm thoughts to both Remi and Ben, who will no doubt compete as to who misses you more.

    And of course, wishing you the most wonderful time with your beloved mother and sister, and safe travels as well. xx

  4. Hello Heather

    I understand you feelings of joy at travelling to the land of your birth and yet leaving your darlings Remi and Ben to hold the fort in your absence. At times like this, we wish the world was not so large.

    Sending you a choir of angels to look after you as you travel and sending good wishes to the boys in Arles.

    Happy Happy Thanksgiing. I will raise a glass to you on Thursday



  5. Heather,

    My thoughts and prayers go with you for a safe journey.

  6. Have a wonderful time Heather! Safe travels!

  7. Enjoy it, dear Heather. I am sure you will have so much to tell us. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Happy travels Heather!
    There's nothing like being with your loved ones, I know you're leaving behind two of them but this is part of living in a faraway land. I have my daughter on the other side of the country and sometimes it takes us too long to get together.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Bon voyage, Heather! I know how hard it is leaving your two besties behind, even if you're entering into the joyous embrace of friends and family. Part of the expat's travails is being torn between two places. Have a wonderful holiday -- and happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Bon voyage, dear Heather.

    There're always some imperative signs on our highways like Fasten Seatbelts! Drive Sober, Arrive Safe!

    This time it was unexpectedly human, I smiled: 'Please drive with care, someone loves you'... And no one was speeding or cutting the lanes.

    Travel safely Heather, someone (and many someones throughout the continents) love you.
    Enjoy every minute being with family and come back to those who'll miss you with lots of stories to tell and myriad cadeaux.

  11. Wishing you safe travels and a very memorable Thanksgiving!

    I am so thankful for your friendship, Heather!

    Hugs to you, Remi and Ben...


  12. Safe travels, Heather! Sending warm thoughts to you and to Remi and Ben who I'm sure will miss you! Hope you have a wonderful visit and the happiest of Thanksgivings! XOXO

  13. I know this will be a completely wonderful holiday for you. Remi & Ben will miss you madly and so welcome your return, therefore, you have the best of both worlds. Shop till you drop in America and take some of our good old soul food back to France. Goodness, they might even like it. Laugh out loud, Heather !! You are loved...

  14. Have a safe trip Heather! May the Force keeps you, Remi and Ben safely in His care until you're all back together again. Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

    Amelia XX

  15. Wishing you a wonderful trip! Your great list of things to do in NYC has been printed out and safely tucked with all my travelling paraphernalia ready for when we leave in a few weeks time. x Sharon

  16. Thank you friends. I feel deeply moved and truly grateful for you all!

  17. Bon voyage!! Enjoy Thanksgiving feast and time spent with your family, you lucky girl!

    à bientôt!


  18. I know how you're feeling Heather leaving one family for another but you'll soon be together again if only in your heart. Safe travels to you and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


  19. Bye sister! I'll be right behind you. Gone Jan/Feb. See you on the other side. Enjoy!

  20. Happy trails to you and safe travels! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Safe travels and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love your phrase the Land of the Loved - it conjures up wonderful images. We, too, are traveling on Thanksgiving, but because we have no Land of the Loved to return to, we'll be taking it with us.

  22. I hope it's a glorious visit! And looking to hearing about it.

    (Perhaps we should leave petits messages ici pour Rémi, pourqu'il ne se sente pas seul ?)

    Or will he be busily working on a project, enjoying a collection of Asterix and Obelix, stirring up strange soups in the kitchen?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Heather. And have fun!

  23. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Safe trip home (and back) and have the most wonderful time soaking up the America! xx


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