Monday, December 10, 2012

Leaning towards twilight

I can feel the days getting shorter. The compression of time within me, weighs. Having exchanged one time zone for another, I feel robbed all over again, a week of daylight missing as if I could count it on the fingers of my hand then wrap it into a sleeping fist.

So restless this awareness made me, that ticking tock of why I do not wear a watch, that I stood up looking for an exit. I grabbed my camera and leashed up my dog, sneaking out of my own anxiety.

I walked up the hill that I always do and looked for lines instead of objects to calm my pulse. At just past five, the light was in its laughing run, so I leant into it and let it push me pulled.

Lucky like a charm and looking like a child, it worked like a clock. My breath stung quiet with shivering hope, I returned home and opened the lock. "Good Boy." I patted Ben reassuringly and climbed the stairs in the dark.


  1. Heather gorgeous! I adore the sight of the arches!

    2012 Artists Series,
    Art by Karena

  2. Such a beautiful time of day.. Your pictures are gorgeous Heather!

  3. Thanks for emailing me this link, H. It feels a little strange to be 'on a break' and then to touch a toe to the living stream. The splendor of that surprising red five was like being pushed in to the current and the water is fine. :)

    Hope you are very, very well, friend. Sounds like you are more than that. You are both churning and still, a sacred dichotomy.

  4. Your images are so peaceful. Yes the days are getting shorter and shorter. But soon they will start getting longer again. I am not sure I am ready for that. I find winter so calming and such a wonderful time to look within. I love the house all cosy and lit up. I have a feeling that summer is the season for the very young :)

  5. I always dread this season of ever-shortening days. But having a dog who gets me outside in the evening ensures that I don't miss the beautiful stars, the moon rising through the now-bare trees.

    It is as if you are wearing a pair of hard-soled boots, Heather. I can almost hear your footsteps up the hill and through the darkening streets. The purple light, a patch of blue, and that red five.... one could easily write an entire post about this post.

    Merci beaucoup!

  6. Eleven days and counting toward the return of light. Love the five p.m. images you captured Heather. Twilight is such a special, yet fleeting time of day in December.

  7. Another lovely post with poetic words and breathtaking images!
    So beautiful!
    Sylvia S.

  8. Heather you're an amazing poet and your images perfection. Never fear the days start getting longer in 11 days! Yes, I am counting!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Heather, you brought up something that I've thought about but never gave it too much time. Why I have an affinity for early dawn and twilight hours. As you've pointed out, the world is softened in to outlines, very soothing and relaxing. Hmmmm...if only some of my teachers were better at explaining stuff. LOL. The truth is I was a block head. A big hug to your ever faithful companion, Ben!

    Amelia XX

  10. Beautiful photos of the witching hour -- that soft lavender color is so lovely, it's almost painful. Welcome home, Heather!

  11. It really couldn't be anymore beautiful!

  12. Stunning, Heather. What a beautiful hour you captured. I'm so glad you grabbed Ben and your camera and shared it with us. As the days grow shorter, I just keep it fixed in my head that very soon the will start growing longer and lighter! Hope you dark days of winter are merry and bright none the less! XO


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