Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can you hear it?

Can you hear it? No, not the peaceful munching of the lambs. Listen closer...

Olé...olé...OLÉ!! The flamenco guitars are rising to a crescendo. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, it is already that time of year again, the Easter bullfights or La Feria de Paques. Think that a bit of a dichotomy? Yes, I do too. But rather than philosophize, Remi and I are going to take the high road and..."Run, better run, faster than my bullet"... straight of out of Arles and dive into The Quiet of the Luberon.

While our previous cabanon had already been reserved I let my fingers do the walking and found what I believe will be an equally charming option right outside of the little village that I dearly love. 

Can I hear a hooray?

I may be exchanging bunny hopping golden light for a drizzle of gray. The Sun Will Set but me cares not. Not one whit. I have a stack of books and a demanding nap schedule to adhere to. Light a fire in the fireplace, pour a glass of wine...these Foolish things remind me of you.

So, I am going to take a bit of a breather (save for perhaps a By Invitation Only post on Tuesday, internet service permitting)...but promise to come back with stories to tell... to pack up the puppers...

...and take flight.

Because can you hear it? The road is calling...

For all of you that are celebrating, I wish you a very Happy Easter and an Excellent Passover!

PS. And as if I haven't left you with enough links to explore while I am gone, here is one more an exceedingly charming interview on France 3 with Nancy Kate, the blogueuse behind the hilarious blog Bread is Pain.


  1. Have a delightful time away, napping and reading. Sounds heavenly. Your photos are, as always, filled with wonderful light. Happy Easter!

    1. And to you too, Lorrie with your snappy haircut so perfect for Spring! :)

  2. Enjoy your getaway. I am so tired I am ready to drop. Would love to go hide away in some quiet village and sleep for a week. Looking forward to hearing your stories.

  3. Oh I hear you dear Loree. Maybe I will not have so many stories to share because I will just be resting? I do hope that you find a few moments of repose over this long weekend.

  4. Have a wonderful time at your get-away country cottage/cabanon. Look forward to being able to share it later when you (hopefully) show some pictures. I know what it's like to have your home town invaded by tourists, In England where I used to live at certain times of the year it was like that, I couldn't wait to get away. Enjoy your time doing all the things you love, especially spending time together with Remi and your beautiful dogs.

  5. I'm in Oppede Le Vieux tomorrow with house hunting clients . . They might fall for the house in Oppede and we might bump into you at lunch. Enjoy your quiet escape and Happy Easter!


  6. Smiling with memories of leaving Paris on TGV, for many of the same reasons, to escape...but to Arles! Everything is relative.

  7. I was in Arles in 2007 during La feria de Paques...We didn't go to the bullfights, it is so not my thing (Ferdinand the Bull), but I enjoyed being learning about a very strong cultural tradtition...Your vacation sounds just lovely!

  8. Such stunning images to sustain us!

    Enjoy your break...


  9. These photos make me want to get out my paintbrushes! A very happy Easter to you. X Sharon

  10. Oh those puppers...they steal my heart as they have stolen yours & Remi's. Have a wonderful long weekend, my friend. See you on Tuesday for our BIO day. Have a blessed Easter Sunday, Heather.

  11. The photos are stunning (as always) and I can't believe it is that time of year again. It means we've been blogosphere buddies for more than a year! Where did that time go? And those puppers made me want to jump into the backseat and join you on your trip. Happy Easter to you and all the loves in your life~ Jackie xo

  12. Such gloriously beautiful pictures.
    Best wishes for the weekend

  13. yes, lovely heather!!!!! i CAN hear it* and i can see those beautiful colour explosions.
    missed reading your lines while i was in barcelona.
    have a wonderful trip and beautiful easter days.
    xxx julia

  14. Hoo-ray!!! ("Can I hear a hooray?"). These photos are soo beautiful - I love the light and images. I hope you RUH-LAX and enjoy your time away from the bulls - can't wait for pics of your time at the cottage! : )

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  16. oh! a road trip South with books and dogs and a beloved.

    is there a more glorious thing to do?

    we think not.

  17. Sounds heavenly - and yes I would be running away from the insidious notion of bull fighting too - this sounds like the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Enjoy!! xx


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