Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Gold in Aix-en-Provence

I would make a poor alchemist as gold is not a word I cling to. And yet, each summer I am drawn like moth to flame as the stones of Aix reflect a vibrant luminosity.

Eyes distilled with a liquid prism, I wander and bask in the hue.


  1. Ah, your prose, and this series of photographs is stunning. Such a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you.

  2. I almost need my sunnies or this post! Love the looks heather x

  3. I just dropped off my teen in the golden city.

  4. Only a few words, but so beautifully penned and complemented by your images. Warm regards

  5. Dear Heather, you have brought some sunshine into my life today!

    2013 Designer Series

  6. Heather,
    A lovely collection today. I savored each and every one of them!

  7. Ooh la la, how I love these photos -- especially the way the first two work together.

    Greetings to you, dear Heather, from Little Cranberry Island way up in Northern Maine.

    1. ittle Cranberry Island in (off) northern Maine sounds just about perfect, Judith (at least as far as spots in the U.S. go...). Are there any cranberry bogs there? kayaks for rent? lobster stands? foghorns? two happy Connecticuters? We are soon to depart for a short séjour in a little cabin on Wallowa Lake. I hope we all, inspired by Heather travels this summer, enjoy our temporary havens! Leslie in Oregon

  8. Golden moments you provided us today, Heather!

  9. You have just transported me there!BLESS YOU!Love the reflection in the glass..............

  10. First, now Aix is added to the list. Such amazing pictures, and prose....second, to Judith above....which Cranberry Island in Maine? There is more than one. Je suis jalouse! From a New England native, although I know how lucky we are to be in France.;-)

  11. You've inspired us! Aix is now on the itinerary for our Spring Break holiday. Will keep you posted.

  12. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the world through your camera lens.

  13. Summer gold indeed...beautiful! I love looking at your worlds through your camera lens and your words. Milles mercis, Heather, from Leslie in Portland, Oregon

  14. These golden tones are so uplifting...i often wonder if it is because of our inherent love of gold the world over (notwithstanding your disclaimer above!)...or whether it is simply the softness of golden light, or indeed perhaps it is our dependence on light/ sun itself.

    Whatever it is, tis beauty regardless. x

  15. Golden! I love looking in your photos at the way the buildings sit so beautifully with age and imperfection. Here, most homes are new and newer and people, myself included, slave to keep them looking pristine and unblemished. Why, I wonder? Because of what the neighbours will think of us? If we are less than perfect? Gallivanta

  16. Oh Heather,
    I miss the Provence!!! I really do hope that we make it next year to come over!
    I am dreaming away by seeing these 'golden' images!

  17. Golden as the Northern California hills.


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