Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Up on the mountain

Bird on a wing.

Opening out into a quiet mind, released from a fenced in view.

With a carpet of lace...


...and cashmere at my feet, to prickle and smoothe.

Enough space to break...

...into a random leaping run, looping wide...

...before sneaking home to known.

We walked the trails...

...up on the mountain. They keep my mind's eye aloft even after descending too soon.


  1. How beautiful! Although the landscape is different I am struck by how many plant species we share with you here in Oregon.

    1. Wow, that's interesting.

      And you know viewing this comment, I'm struck by the similarities between the two of you--writing about place, canine loves and the dance of the small (which is actually quite large) and unassuming but still glory-filled in daily life.

  2. Just beautiful. True bijoux to your senses.

  3. You always find the most scenic spots...Your doggies are one of the luckiest around being taken to all these amazing walks!

  4. Love your words HEATHER............I do believe its time for a book!

  5. Stunning. (I agree. Time for a book!)

  6. After a very long day that started in extreme frustration (all better now, thank you), coming home to these photos and that music feels like massage for the eyes and ears.

    I, too, recommend Flight Behavior.

  7. Heavenly image and poetry Heather!
    Your posts are always so soothing to me.

    Thank you,
    2013 Design Series

  8. All you are lacking is a lot of concrete!

  9. Such wonderful spaces - that you have captured, equal too if not exceeding the cathedral previous!! Such freedom and space - one doesn't expect it really - but there it is!!

  10. How glorious...this looks so very wild and delightful...no wonder your spirit runs free there too! x

  11. Lovely bijoux. All the photos are gems. Gallivanta.

  12. You have a wonderful time now and I answer with a song too.. "Good life" by One Republic.

  13. Another beautiful outing you've taken us on, Heather! Love the open space and sunlight.

  14. Some of these pics (SOME) remind me a little of Colerain! I don't know which picture I like better - the one of Kipling in mid-leap (with an "antler-effect" happening - did you notice?), OR the queen anne's lace with one orange stalk and a pink flower in the middle. LOVE all of the photos AND the idea of space - especially being released from a fenced in view! I have a little space over the next few days - days off and David away; I already did some yoga and am appreciating every bit of the quiet - feel calmer already! Thank you for yet another lovely, beautiful post!

  15. "up on the mountain. They keep my mind's eye aloft"
    So much beauty.

  16. What a place: not only space, but so aloft and open that one can look out, over, far. It does set alive creatures romping, doesn't it? (And not only the doggies!) And, on point, it is indeed time to read "Flight Behavior," another Kingsolver wonder. (How she can lift up her reader as she writes about epic and sometimes-seemingly-hopeless challenges.) I'll check to see if I have an extra copy... Bisous, Leslie

  17. ROUSE, R. Game Design: Theory & Practice.

  18. Eu quero te agradecer pela informação que você publica
    neste portal . Ele auxilia muito gente semelhantes a mim que querem evoluir
    mais sobre este incrível mundo. Valeu !


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