Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Antiques Fair at L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Part two

Ah, you are back. What's that? I think that you meant to say, "May I please see some more photos from the antiques fair at L'Isle sur la Sorgue?"

Très bien, since you asked so nicely, why don't you pull up a Tolix and we'll have a look.

You would like something more comfortable? Oh goodness, aren't we spoiled but yes, by all means just hunt over there...maybe one of those Louis XVI replicas are cushy enough for you...Of course they are replicas. Otherwise you can trust me, they would hardly be scattered all willy-nilly on the grass like that.

Ah, you have noticed there is more umph have you? 

Well, that is because we have crossed over the stream and onto the main grounds of the fair...

...those reserved for outside vendors with a little something share.

But you liked all of the bric-a-brac stands? 

Oh, fine then. Go, go, by all means go and good luck with whatever you may find there.

Because, you see, for those in the know, the gardens are where the biggie items can be found...

...those that command presence

Hmm? Oh yes, the industrial look is still hanging in there, amazingly...

...although the tendency seems to be towards pieces which are practically artworks in themselves such as this siphon...Yes, it does look like something one could find in a temple. A temple to wine! 

How I do crack myself up. Or quack myself up! Ha-ha!

This table was tempting, awfully tempting. Only 450 Euros too. Quite the bargain.

Are you still thinking about wine now that I brought it up? 

All right then, sit down for a minute...

...I'll clean up two of these and go find us something cool.

Dear me. I was stopped in my tracks by this! Demi-tour s'il te plait! Seven years of bad juju and all that. Looks like something or someone had a bit of a rough trip. Buh-dum-dum.

Ah, you found my chou-chou. That little repose-pieds probably should have come home with me after all, despite its dire need for an update, it was my favorite piece of the whole day...the candelabra? Don't you remember that I already have a pair? Oh, you do...

Pardon? You think that I am going to give them to you? Ma chére, there is about as much chance of that as my becoming mayor of Arles!

Now don't dawdle...come along...there is still much, much more to see.


  1. Ah, shall I post my true reactions...As soon as I saw the bric-a-brac on the ground, the busts, the big cross and then down to the iron based table...brain voice begins whining with fermenting life isn't as it should life sucks...none of those things here...or even place to go see them...woe is me. Its much the same feeling when I saw a post of ballet gifs. Looking at what life should be when one has to turn around to see what it is can be boo-hoo sobb-ering . Inspired I am. I'm moving closer to rid myself of stuff that doesn't project me.
    Thank you for the words, photographs, and enlightenment

  2. Ok, I take the Tolixes, the blue soda bottles, the large wooden table, the green "wine bottles" (?), the gold framed mirror, the glasses, the art-piece siphon et bien sur la mairie!
    But Alas, I am lacking the french country house to arrange all that (;
    ...Who knows, one day I come back with a caravan to take it all away... o:

  3. The colors! The light! Luscious! xox!

  4. Dear God. You're killing me. I'm traveling to Aix next week for 4 days..ALONE. Happy Mothers day to me! Can you BELIEVE I've lived here for almost two years and have not been to Provence. What is wrong with me? And I'm afraid to ask the price of those seltzer bottles...they're pretty pricey here in paris :) xo

  5. Mayor Heather Robinson. I like the sound of that!

  6. Just a thought, just pour wine on those wine glasses, grab some tables and chairs and all we need is some good 'ol cheese and bread. Cheers! (No need to clean 'em, dust is a good aphrodisiac.)

  7. All the fun — and hilarity — with none of the expense. That said, would love to go with you sometime. Merci beaucoup!

  8. Yes, Mayor Heather Robinson…..that could work quite fabulously….

  9. very wonderfully French, of course. happy memories of living there for five years and thinking of few treasures I brought to my retirement haven...and also see items from Spain, where I also lived for 5 years, and Italy....yes, they are the romance languages and cultures, adapting as they travel but keep sunny afternoon, eating outdoors, wine, ceramics, olive oil, plant pots and on and on. Thanks bring it all together. Now off to my garden w much of the above plus ceramics from Morocco, Tunisia, Madagascar, yes, the French were there, and Uzbekistan.

  10. Good evening Heather,
    I am in love with that chandelier, the garden chairs and some of the tables I saw in your beautiful photos. I think you spent a happy special day at the antiques fair "Madame le Maire"!

  11. what part of France is this beauty found? I was there last month and loved Avignon! Brought fun things home in my "body bag"!

  12. It looks like such FUN!! Great pics - thanks for sharing your day with us.. but I am so upset I can't just reach in and grab a few goodies!

  13. OH< be still my pounding heart!!!!!!!

  14. Surely in that antique landscape I will find something to take home. I noticed a large cross. I might look at that cross more closely. As a mayor of Arles is it worth a while to hear stories related to those hundreds of articles from the owners?

  15. Oh my god, I wish I could just drive up with a truck and load up!!!

  16. 'But WAIT, there's more"?? ;) Wonderful.

  17. Heather, Since you seem to get out to antique fairs more than I do, Please find me an armoire! I need one that is no higher than 200cm, not too expensive and it should be simple so that I could possibly paint it. Yes, I am back. We will get together this time!

  18. Oh, my Dear, the chandelier, so beautiful and the song goes with your story. Curious about new finds.

  19. I wish we had something like this over here. I am not sure what people do with their old stuff, they probably throw it all away. The vintage look has not really caught on. Most people prefer those really modern lines that remind me of clinics. So not for me. I loved those spritzer bottles the best.

  20. Oh, the colors, the textures, the sunlight; when am I going to get over there once again to see it all? One of my favorite places anywhere!

  21. Lovely post Heather...I feel like I'm with you :) I love an antiques fair and in the sunshine too...more roaming time...a perfect day!
    Happy Weekend xx

  22. Ooooo - I love the outdoor table and chairs (sans ducks) - can you please fit them in your suitcase and bring them over?? So many wonderful things (and not so wonderful) - I'm wondering if you bought anything?? It's like Treasure Mart on steroids!! We will be there together in DAYS!!!!!! p.s Heather for mayor! Heather for mayor!!!

  23. Such memories your pictures bring back! And it was thanks to you and your recommendation, or we might never have gone to l'isle sur la sorgue - so merci for that. Hugs from the west, G


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