Friday, May 30, 2014

The Antiques Fair at L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Part 3

Ba-da-bling-ba-da-boom. You didn't think that I would forget you?

Yee of the antiques-loving, "can't get me enough of that patina" variety?

Well, of course not, shame on you. I wouldn't any more than I would throw those beautiful volets that are lined up against the oh-so-quaint canal running through L'Isle sur la Sorgue out into the trash! Why, they could be used as a headboard, or doors for a built in closet or as room dividers or wall decorations...but I digress...

Perhaps it is time for a breather after all? Certainly no proper French person would dream of strolling through the Antiques Fair for an entire day without a bit of proper refreshment and besides, better to rest up a bit to prepare. For now...

...We are ready for the big time.

And I do mean big, over-size, huge even! Where on Earth did this lantern come from? Versailles? It is the size of a Citroën 2CV! But ah, how very magnificent it is, non? Can't you imagine it, lying just like it is, on it's side in the middle of a castle designed by Axel Vervoordt? I can. Perhaps we should call him.

I think that he would like the simplicity of the 18th century wrought iron chandelier as well. I did. And the statue actually is very fine although my photos don't begin to do it justice. The seller was going for mood lighting. It made for a charming scene, I have to admit.

Even if at times, the ambiance was a tad...overwhelming.

No better to focus in, such as on the inscription that Remi deciphered on this framed branch of black coral...signed by an Italian professor in the 1800's.

Still attracted by largesse? All right, I admit it, over-size lanterns seem to be something of a is - paradoxically - mid-century modern, although those pieces all looked rather scruffy to me...

...But of course, "scruffy" is relative. As this right here my friends was my favorite piece of the day. Although would I like it once it was renovated? Alas, I would not.

Goodness, all of that gold-leaf can be oppressive, can't it? Let's get some fresh air...

...and say our adieus outside now that the bustle is fading and the sellers are starting to pack up their wares.

Ah, what is that you say? Au revoir and not adieu? How right you are, for we both know that you will want to return to the semi-annual Antiques Fair at L'sle sur la Sorgue, as well I. The next is for August 14th - 17th. See you there...

PS. I will be cutting down my posting schedule to (most likely) twice a week while I am in the States. Thank you for your understanding and for all of your well-wishes.


  1. Wonderful Post. Enjoy your vacation.
    The large lantern, has charm. I see it displayed in a small space as a conversation piece, the kind the owner talks to about the universe, jelly with feta cheese, and beer. That lantern is somebody's friend waiting for a home.

    1. I especially love that final phrase. How lovely and true!

  2. Goodness, Heather, those lanterns are totally awesome and some of the other items seem really grand. I love the wrought iron chandelier too. Love this post! Cause I love antique-hunting. All weekend long.

  3. I die!
    You know this speaks to me… thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty.


    1. I do know this speaks to you - and the reference of using the shutters as wall decoration was for you and you only! We need to get you there one day. It is more "you" than St. Ouen...

  4. I met AXEL!!!!!!!!I DID I DID!In his castle!I even got a tour of his castle!Not by him but a tour!
    This post is me to a TEEEEEEEE..................swooning.Thats what I am doing SWOONING!

  5. Hello Heather,

    Small lanterns, medium lanterns, big lanterns, huge lanterns, absolutely enormous lanterns.........count us in for them all. And, to have one of those rusted delights leaning somewhere would be our idea of decorative heaven. Indeed, we have so many things leaning, propping and posing here in our apartment that a lantern on its side would hardly be cause for mention!! Just as well that we do not live too close to that fabulous fair!

    Wishing you safe travelling, happy days and a speedy return. We shall miss you!

    1. Thank you my dear Hattatts! Your comment made me think of when you were considering buying that splendid manse in the countryside - the one that needed so much love. How you could have filled it with such treasures.
      Wishing you a very fine weekend,

  6. Dear Heather, It's not just the beautiful objects (of which there are many) but the absolutely lovely lighting in your photographs that makes this post one of my most favorite. ox, Gina

  7. Enjoy the States, Heather. I have never seen such huge lanterns. They are beautiful but, of course, you would need a cavernous room for them. I think one lantern would just about fit in our bedroom :)

  8. A wonderful post... how I wish I could have been there! I would have loved to bring the beautiful wrought chandelier and a grand lantern home with me. I found your wonderful blog through Loree. Have a wonderful vacation in the states, Brenda.

  9. Glad we can have another visit to the fair later.

  10. Heather! I'm so behind on your beautiful posts - I need to go back for parts one and two! So you know that I am sitting here on my Louis chair in our breakfast nook practically hyperventilating from antique overload. And you've got me wondering would it would take to convince Mr. H. that we (or I) need to revisit Provence in August since we missed the fair last year...

    Hope you are having a lovely visit with your family! I'm sure you are enjoying every minute! XOXO

  11. heaven on earth. you can never have too much ormolu or gilt, in my opinion. Bises,

  12. Wowsers! So many majestic pieces!

    Clare x


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