Friday, May 12, 2017

My photo in Architectural Digest, US edition...for Atelier Vime

Today, I am really proud to share with you both a bit of good news and to introduce you to a wonderful new design company, Atelier Vime

Quite a few of you have been following with interest the various adventures of my friend, Anthony Watson, since I featured his perfect village house that was for sale and afterwards, the transformation of the Hôtel Drujon, a unique 18th century hôtel particulier that he is renovating with his friend, Benoît. It is through the discovery of the property's history in the village of Vallabrègues, known for its tradition of weaving rattan or wicker that an idea was born. Both have a true love and breadth of knowledge for design and antiques, as does their third partner Raphäelle Hanley (who also has a covetable career in the fashion industry, including ten years as an accessories designer both for the houses of Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent). This, combined with a respect for the work of local artisans and the environment, led to the natural evolution of bringing the village's former renown back to life...but with a modern twist. And that is where the interest lies.

The style of Atelier Vime is modern and vibrant, even while giving a strong clin d'oeil to the glory periods of French design. In their work, I feel the sun of Provence breathing through the rattan that has been harvested in the nearby Camargue since centuries but also a truly elegant simplicity that gives the line an international appeal. So perhaps it is no surprise that the company is on a meteoric rise, with clients and commissions from some of today's leading interior designers (such as Mark D. Sikes and Frank de Biasi) with more arriving daily. Along with their ever expanding audience on Instagram, where style-setters such as Aerin Lauder snap up the company's vintage pieces (by such luminaries as Tito Agnoli and Audoux-Minet) comme les petits pains, I have watched with great pride as Atelier Vime has continued to expand, all while reviving a local dying art in the process. As they say in French, it is gagnant-gagnant or win-win.

So I was especially delighted when Anthony approached me about doing a photo shoot for a future story for the US edition of Architectural Digest. Time was of the essence as I had to be in Arles the same day. But I love what we did together. Does it help that Anthony is incredibly handsome and easy to shoot? Yes. And that we had already worked together before for a portrait that appeared in I Heart magazine? That too. And I have a nearly proprietorial love for the hôtel particulier itself, which I have documented since the beginning of its renovation. At times, I am moved to tears when I see the progress that is being made, to watch it literally come back to life. Still, I did not know if any of my photographs would be selected for the final cut. I am delighted to say that one was (see above and below) and can be found in a wonderful article written by Hannah Martin in the June issue of Architectural Digest in the United States, which is on newsstands now. This is my first international photo credit. Needless to say, that makes me smile and it is an honor to be featured in such a prestigious publication.

But I am equally delighted to introduce you to Atelier Vime, as I have been waiting a year to do so. I hope you will enjoy a few of the other photos from that shoot and will discover their beautifully done website at the address below. For me, Atelier Vime is stunning proof that sometimes, when you take a great risk, life rewards you ten-fold.

Bonne Continuation, Atelier Vime!

To discover the world of Atelier Vime:
In English, click here.
En Français, cliquez ici.
They can be found on instagram at: @ateliervime

If you would like to see more from my series concerning the renovation of the Hôtel Drujon, see below...

And finally, as we are talking about Anthony, here is his fabulous vacation rental in Paris...

I hope that you enjoy all of this and by all means, let me know if you pick up a copy of Architectural Digest.

With my Best from Provence,
As always, thank you for being here,


  1. Brava, Heather!! and Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. And, yes, I will look for a copy of Architectural Digest which I will peruse with pride.

  3. Heather! Fantastic! Just today I was thinking about your photos, and how they have changed the way I look at things. You go straight to the essence every time. Getting one in AD is pretty special, don't you think? Like what I see of the mobilier, very new but somewhat old .....

  4. I did pick up a copy, and I nearly burst with pride! Hooray! It's a lovely photo, and I'm so happy to see the others from that shoot - they're all great (and, yes, the easy-on-the-eyes Anthony helps!). So proud to see your name in print in such a reputable magazine, and so happy that good things are coming your way!

  5. Smiling for you, Rocket .. Smiling for you on so many levels!

  6. Wonderful news. Congratulation.

  7. Congratulations! Great photos and very interesting article!

  8. Dear Heather, congratulations!!! Wonderful!! I already filed the Atelier Vime website. Anthony is so talented! I am so glad you remembered me of their gorgeous products, by sharing this post! Warm regards,

  9. Oh, wow ain't that a milestone Heather!?

    And I adore that kind of minimalism so much, both that of your photography and that of Atelier Vimes work. Just so much to the point, kind of sharp edged...lets say sexy ( And hey, I do mean the work here!)
    Look at that treatment of the walls, colours, texture. And that kitchen floor! Outstanding! To die for!
    Oh, how I re-read that last sentence of yours...

    So good to hear from that project again. You know how much I admire this one!

    LOVE, Silke

  10. And I really have to add how much I apreciate not only the renovation and way they present Design but also the idea to continue that wicker tradition in Provence-Camargues. It is highly interesting not only from an aethetic view but also from a social and political point of view.

    It is so imortant that the traditions of the South of France continue to exist!
    (So excited ;-)

  11. Wow, Heather! AD! Wonderful. I have just spent a half hour going through all of your photos on this stunning project. Sometimes your photos make my teeth ache ... seriously ... but in a very good way. You have such an eye and such a touch of the shutter. What a book that restoration story, with your photos, would make ...and essentially you have it well under way ...

  12. SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Love your blue room photo! Off to read the Reno article.. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I am thrilled about your well-deserved success Heather. Your ability to capture the essence of a moment in time, either by words or by photography, is exceptional. As you know, I am a fan of your great talent (and somewhat envious). I can see a connection between your style and that of Atelier Vime.

    I have added your quote to my personal collection- "sometimes, when you take a great risk, life rewards you ten-fold" - and trust that it relates to you on your current journey. Bisous, Elizabeth

  14. Heather, I couldn't be happier nor more proud of you. This is quite a coup! I loved those photos you shared of Anthony's renovation of the village house. The colors and lighting are just so gorgeous. What a wonderful business they have started. I'm sure with your photos and the AD write up, they will become even more successful! You must be busting your buttons seeing your photos in AD. Fabulous!!!

  15. Congratulations! This is Great news!
    I will look to buy for a copy of AD for sure.

  16. This comment is from the ever wonderful David Terry:

    Well, Miss Heather,

    This is all such good news, and I’m awfully glad to hear of this well-deserved happiness/validation for you and your work. And, yes…I know that you are a shy colt when it comes to referring to your photographs and writing as your “work”. It is, finally, easier to hide behind a façade of “Oh….just some snaps I took and some scribblings of mine”. There’s a very obvious reason that my business card has, for at least 15 years, announced me as an “illustrator” rather than an “artist”; for me, at least, it’s simpler and more easily negotiable to simply say that I’m an “illustrator”.

    The final fact (and I’ve been making a living in the arts for thirty years now) is that all of us wonder, from time to time, “Have I become invisible?...”. Reading over your posting?....I thought of this song written and sung by Bonnie Raitt. I hope it encourages you (and you do deserve all the “You go, Girl!” applause that’s coming your way…or at least that’s what I think.. Go to:

    "Luck Of The Draw"
    You dust the bottles on the bar counter
    You're writing screenplays on the side
    Three nights a week can keep a girl workin’
    Sometimes it's good to lose your pride.

    These things we do to keep the flame burnin’
    And write our fire in the sky…?
    Another day to see the wheel turnin’
    Another avenue to try.

    It's in the Luck of the Draw, Baby
    The Natural Law
    Forget those movies you saw, little Baby…;
    It's in the Luck of the Draw
    The Natural Law
    (flame keep on burnin’)
    Forget those movies you saw, little Baby
    (wheel ever turnin’).

    You turn around and say it's last orders.
    You fix the ribbon in your hair.
    Tomorrow's letter by the hall doorway
    Could be the answer to your prayers.

  17. Brava!
    And David's choice of song is most apt.

  18. Congratulations Heather. I love the simplicity of the photos.

  19. It's a great photo
    You are the dream
    You are the bomb

    Love Bernadette

  20. This is so great, to see Anthony's design and renovation, with Heather as photographer! Just beautiful, and so inspiring. Congratulations to both of you!

  21. Wonderful, wonderful....way to go girl....


  22. Your images landed in my inbox this morning via Habitually Chic:

  23. Dear Heather,

    Take this as a compliment.....but you do realize that you (and I know you're as American/Middle-West born&bred as folks come)just wrote (in English)as though you were thinking in French? I expect that will please you, although I doubt you did it on purpose.

    I'm referring to the passage "....the rattan that has been harvested in the nearby Camargue since centuries."

    Talk about going native on all of us back here in the USA?.......


    David Terry

  24. Hello Heather,
    What a great honour to be featured in the prestigious Architectural Design magazine. Well deserved and I know this is only the beginning. It is about time the world knew of the talented and artistic Heather who has been thrilling her followers for years .
    Helen xx


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