Friday, January 22, 2021

Hunger for light

I want light. I am hungry for it.

Just a pure shot without doubt or fear.

Run through me, run through me, pulsing fast my

dear, how I need to know you (are) here.

Can you this, more than all stand right after a fall

beyond question of grace but something

like a loving squall

holding back but letting in slowly?

That old question, dusty, of trust worn, rusting but searching.

And so we are born.

A coin sent turning, a debt on our table, direct to the fall. Gold and yet not at all.

It feels like something of a stir, a wind, one clear note, singing in its spinning.

And with that face up landing, how you rise to rise.

This is light.

What you knew all along, ray braying through.

Grateful for this nearly lost possibility. 

Grateful amidst the godness of you.

You can hear a voice recording of this poem: here.

It's a new day my friends.
The undertow is still as such but we in our beautiful hearts can start to heal as much.
Ok! Sorry for all the rhymes! 
I will get back to my regular posting style soon.
Somehow, with the enormity of everything that has been going on...I haven't been able to attack it otherwise than through the gesture of a wider written word. 
Hope that makes sense.
Love to you.

With seriously an ENORMOUS amount of love and gratitude from Provence,


  1. I think that this moment can only be expressed with the MUSIC of the heart, not the linear motions of prose but the lilt of praise. Heather, grace is the word of the hour for me. We live in it, it lives in us. It has been a magical week meeting with you. Bravo for this special moment.

    1. Beautiful Anita, grace is indeed the word that is so perfect for now. I find that you exude it so effortlessly. Yes, I too am incredibly grateful for our exchanges. It may have taken long for us to find each other but better late than never!

  2. A sublime end to a glorious week! I am also grateful for the light returning, and your beautiful words and photos. p.s. methinks whatever comes out of your heart is your regular posting style.

  3. Such inspiring words! Such a week of relief and joy and inspiration. The light has returned.

  4. The light is returning, in our days and in our lives. My immune system is no longer at Defcon Red, and the jangling is easing off. We rise to rise. Joy to you, and thank you for the lovely words.

    1. Oh I am so happy to hear that you are getting back your health. So many of us were worn thin. I am only starting to sleep again. Take care of yourself, dear Emm, you are precious. xo

  5. We all need light in our lives. My light this week was receiving my second dose of vaccine and knowing I will soon be free. Beautiful post Heather. ...Janey


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